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Graphics Cards Prices to Decline 20% in July – NVIDIA Postponing Next Gen Launch?

DigiTimes is reporting that there will be a decrease in graphics card pricing for July. This decrease seems to be a way for suppliers to reduce inventory of stockpiled graphics cards that were expected to be sold in continued demand from cryptocurrency miners and gamers. DigiTimes, citing "sources from the upstream supply chain" says that we can expect a 20% price drop for graphics cards. Also semiconductor manufacturer TSMC and its partners are expecting revenue estimates to be lower than previously-projected values, as demand for graphics and ASIC chips is further reduced.

AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition 11G Graphics Card
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NVIDIA Tells Retailers To Sell GPUs To Gamers, Not Miners

Cryptocurrency mining is something that flourished in 2017 and it does not look like it is slowing down in 2018. With Cryptocurrency miners grabbing up all of the available graphics cards it is really hurting those who want to build their own gaming PCs. If you haven't noticed graphics card prices have sky-rocketed over the past couple of months. I simple search for a GTX 1080 Ti returns cards going for $1200-$1400 on Amazon!

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AMD Announces New Radeon Embedded GPUs

AMD today announced the AMD Embedded Radeon E9170 Series graphics processing unit (GPU). The new processor is the first "Polaris" architecture-based AMD Embedded discrete GPU available in multi-chip module (MCM) format with integrated memory for smaller, power-efficient custom designs, as well as PCI Express and MXM formats for standard form factor systems.

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Possible New AMD Radeon Polaris 10 XT2 and Polaris 12 GPUs Spotted

It looks like 2017 could be a big year for AMD. Two new GPUs that we haven't heard of have been spotted. When looking up a hex file taken from macOS Sierra drivers, Anandtech forum user Glo found mentions of two new GPUs, Polaris 10 XT2 and Polaris 12. These could very well be a revision of AMD's Polaris 10 architecture or a totally different chip from the already released Polaris 11 and Polaris 10.

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TSMC Will Be Ready To Take 7nm Orders By April 2017

Many people do not realize that many of the products we use rely heavily on are nothing without the foundries that produce the silicon that powers those products. This makes the progress of the fabs very important to us enthusiasts. We have just heard that TSMC, one of the leading foundries, will be ready to take orders for products on the 7nm node by as early as April 2017. This is very significant to us as this lets us know when we can start expecting GPUs and CPUs based on the same node.

AMD Polaris
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AMD Working On Two Polaris GPUs

In a recent interview with Venture Beat AMD Radeon Technologies Group (RTG) head Raja Koduri confirmed that the company is currently working on two 14 nm FinFET GPUs that are based on the "Polaris" architecture. He referred to the two chips as "Polaris 10" and "Polaris 11" and said that both chips are "extremely power efficient".

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