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In the current scenario, the world is full of technology, and no one can deny the fact that an individual does not use any kind of mobile or computer or things of such sort. Life is very much impossible without the presence of a computer or a mobile phone in the present generation. The computer screens, for example, has a very straining effect on the eye and can cause problems to our vision if the eye is exposed to the computer screen for an extended period of time.

There is a product called the blue light filter which is applied on the computer screen using an application which results in better viewing experience of the user. This filter stops the emission of blue light to the human eyes which in turn is good for the eyes as the eyes are more prone to damage due to the exposure of blue light.

The human eyes can also be protected by the use of many such tools which can be implemented via any application on a computer screen. As time is progressing, people are becoming more computer-centric and are becoming more dependent on the computers for daily needs.

So in order to do execute a said task, an individual has to sit in front of the screen for hours which effects our eyes in an adverse manner. In order to avoid this, one implement the technology of screen dimmer which is readily available via an application in any computer.


The CareUEyes is an application which uses the technology of screen dimming in the computer screens. It also implements the idea of a blue light filter by using this particular application. It also comes with a break reminder which will remind you to take a break from work so that your eyes as well as your body can get the rest it requires. It includes the following features, which are listed below for reference:-

  • Display – This option is the heart of the software; it mainly comprises of critical things such as the adjustment of the brightness and the colour temperature of the screen. It also allows the user to maintain a certain colour mode which are present by default. These includes Normal mode and the Smart mode or the Office mode for better usage for every occasion.
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  • Timer – This option allows the user to take a break from the computer screen as the user is engrossed in work for hours which becomes painful to the human eyes and this also is termed as the break reminder.

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  • Concentration – This option basically lets the user to control the screen in a particular way in order to induce focus. For better reading experience, this option can make the text or tables softer on the human eyes along with the background being more subtle at the same time.

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  • General Options – It has a provision of extra options such as the permission for the application to start at the time of windows startup or things such as assigning hotkeys to some specific features of the application.

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  • Activation – The application comes with a trial period of 7 days after which the user gets to upgrade to the pro version which will include all the features that have been mentioned in the above points.
  • About – The last tab or option consists of the information about the application. This basically indicates to when the application was first started and the current version of the application.


Certain features of this application make it the most comfortable and convenient program to work with on a daily basis. The features of the application are listed below for reference:-

  • Blue light filter – The human eyes are more prone to damage by the exposure of blue light. CareUEyes has the advanced feature of blue light filter. As the name suggests, it acts as a filter in the computer screens for stopping the blue light from entering the eyes. The application also has some pre-set modes of blue light filter.

The pre-set modes include Office mode for the office environment which suits the eye perfectly inside the office. Other pre-sets include Gaming mode for hardcore gamers who are exposed to the bright screen for an extended period of time.

Apart from this, there are Smart mode, Night mode, and Movie mode for better viewing experience when it comes to watching movies or series at night. It has all the needs for a computer screen without the presence of blue light which perfectly suits the eye.

  • Screen Dimmer – As the name suggests, this feature is one of the most unique elements of this application. The screen dimmer is basically an option which allows the user to dim the screen light at night time.

At night, when the surroundings are dark, and the eyes are exposed to the computer screen then it is always better to dim the screen after applying the blue light filter. One thing to keep in mind is that the type of monitor or laptop screen used will not have any side effect by the screen dimming.

This feature also makes the screen perfectly balanced which is soothing to the eye, and it is also better to look at while working at the same time.

  • Break Reminder – This feature, in particular, is perfect for people who have to work for extended hours and are exposed to computer screens for at least 8 to 10 hours a day. Prolonged exposure can be very harmful and stressful for the eyes as there is continuous interaction of bright light between the eyes and the computer screen.

This feature stops the user from working and gives a reminder of taking a break from work by changing the screen mode to sleep mode for a while. It is very much essential to take a regular break at intervals as it will benefit the eyes of the user and it also will benefit the health conditions of the user from working 8 to 10 hours in front of a computer.


  • Focus – This feature of the application allows the user to stay focused at a particular point on the computer screen at a particular moment. For example, when the user is reading something on the screen, then this feature will come in handy as it will highlight the text or tables shown in the computer screen in such a way that it becomes more suitable and comfortable to the human eyes.

In other words, it lets the user concentrate on a specific thing on the computer screen at a particular time. The focus window is customisable, allowing the user to change window height, colour, and transparency with a simple click.

Where is it used frequently?

Right now at the moment, it is only available for computers, but there is every other possible chance of having this application for any android device. The importance of this application will not be noticed by any user until and unless one has any sort of problem in the eye. The human eye is the only thing that gets affected by the light which is emitted from the computer screen, and so in order to keep the blue light from entering the eye, this application is mainly used.

The software has many features that come in handy when the user needs to sit in front of a computer screen for more than 8 to 10 hours in a single day. The blue light filter, the screen dimmer, the break reminder, and the focus features make the application one of a kind, and these features cannot be found on any other similar application.


Now the question arises, should a regular computer user opt for this kind of application for the safety of the eyes? The answer is pretty much clear why one should consider buying this application. It is very much evident from the fact that the eyes are the only part of the human body which gets affected by the blue light which is emitted from the computer screen. The eyes are one of the important parts of the body, and in order to protect it from the blue light, one needs to upgrade to this application for a better viewing experience.

Lastly, there is every other chance that the eye may get damaged from the blue light. For an individual, he must think of going to the extent of buying an application for the protection of the eyes. Moreover, the application is very much customisable according to the requirements of the user. According to the requirements of the user, the application can be changed.

The application is a simple yet powerful which can be termed as the “eye-saver” for many of its users. If viewed in long terms, then it is very much advisable to upgrade to this application for the betterment of the eyes and also for the betterment of the health of the user. To sum it up, CareUEyes is extremely productive and must be used by everyone. People with eye problems need to change and upgrade to CareUEyes Pro immediately.

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