Boost Your ELO With These 3 Secrets

So, you want to improve but find it challenging to unleash your potential and grab the desired rank you deserve?

Not to fret – we’ve come up with three ‘secrets’ that will most definitely improve your gameplay and chances of ranking up ASAP!

Most players typically aim for multiple champions to spice up their gameplay. You know where they end up? – Bronze!

Fun champions sometimes are not that great compared to others, and despite your gameplay, you can still get outpowered by another META champion. Being solid with 50 champions is okay, but mastering only 5 will do you wonders!

The focus on objectives is always misunderstood by most of the summoners. As this game has been out since 2010, the gameplay has evolved so much, and we have to keep up with its pace. Objectives can be efficient farming, spread push, ward control, dragon economy, jungle control, and so on.

We have all been through it – a bad game or a bad day where nothing really goes as planned. Frustration is inevitable in those moments but we have to bring the best of ourselves and stay calm.

Don’t tilt – some things are not under your control!

Play Few Champions That Can Carry – Don’t Stretch Too Much

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I think we are all guilty on this one – staying on only one character that we know or spreading too much like ZAC on the champion select screen. I mean, it’s a game, and you want your fun, but swapping champions and roles every single time on ranked won’t really bring that much of an improvement to your ELO.

I’m not saying that you should not have fun or try that shiny new skin you got from the Mastercraft loot box. You can do all of it on normal matches – without touching your ELO or ruining the game for other players.

To get your edge in the race for better ELO, I suggest picking 3 lanes that suit you best and learn 2 champions from each lane that belong in the safe meta. I suggest one of those roles be Support as once in a while that autofill will activate. And the second one to be the jungle role as you can fully control the game by helping the lanes to not overfeed the enemy.

There is also a handy application that is completely free to be your companion and helps you find the best champion for the current patch. Blitz.GG is a small application that can bring all the crucial information that you need. Here are the top 10 champions from the current patch that are reliable to play:

  • Soraka – Support with 53.7% Win Rate
  • Yasuo – Mid with 50.6% Win Rate
  • Jarvan IV – Jungle with 52.0% Win Rate
  • Lulu – Support with 50.1% Win Rate
  • Fiora – Top with 51.3% Win Rate
  • Ashe – Bot ADC with 52.0% Win Rate
  • Kha’Zix – Jungle with 51.1% Win Rate
  • Yuumi – Support with 50.9% Win Rate
  • Yone – Mid with 51.6% Win Rate
  • Ekko – Jungle with 50.6% Win Rate

Focus on Objectives and Be Consistent

Objectives are going to be your top priority if you want to bring your gameplay to another level and carry every single game. By objectives, I mean the main objective for your role, such as efficient farming, knowing when to push the lane, controlling the ground with wards, ganking awareness, team fight positioning, and so on.

You can track all of this through Blitz.GG – it will keep track of your statistics, whether you did good, and all the things that you should improve on. For example, you need to improve the farming if there is an overlay counter on the top right corner where you can see where you stand of minions per minute.

You should aim to get the most minions possible without worrying about anything else going around, and you must avoid dying in your lane. Remember, more minions = more gold = more items that can carry your game rather than just roaming around for a chance to get kills.

Be consistent. This I cannot stress enough as you develop consistency to make that game-changing move and carry the whole team. Play the most comfortable champions from the META and aim to make that peak performance every game. Sometimes you just gotta warm up with an unranked game to kickstart that performance of consistency.

Don’t Tilt and Play Your Game

We have all been in that state where you just get so frustrated that you had enough of that match and want to break something. We get it – it’s frustrating to watch your ELO decline because of someone that overfed the enemy team.

In such situations, you need a different approach – as getting titled, starting to lose focus, and feeding the enemy team will never get you a better ranking. Like in real life – no matter how much we want, we can’t change certain things, and we have to look on the bright side that we evolve and become stronger!

It is vital to seek self-improvement instead of always blaming the teammates.

One thought that always motivated me to grind the ELO was ‘If I’m good, I can carry the game on my own’. Focus on the things that you can change. With that mindset, you can flip the game in your favour.

You can’t fight fire with fire in this game!

Calm down, enter that zen mode, even mute them if it’s keeping you out of focus, and play your game.

Other Useful Tips

Bring that smile on your face because we are bringing you more useful tips to get that desired high ELO:


  • Mute enemy team chat – there is no place for negativity especially if you see them for only one game
  • Take small breaks in between matches – long gaming sessions can bring down your gameplay
  • Play in the same position every time
  • Try a boosting service by
  • Play with friends that you can rely on
  • Rewatch your games
  • Watch famous players