Breaking Down Three Incredibly In-Demand Tech Skills for 2017 and Beyond

As technology evolves perhaps more rapidly than ever, businesses are having trouble keeping up.

Serious expertise in the field of technology is incredibly in-demand for companies looking to stay ahead of the curve. Among the many challenges facing any given enterprise, consider the myriad of problems that need solving such as:

  • Crunching numbers to understand customer data: we constantly hear about the importance of big data for today’s business, but so many are still on the fence
  • Avoiding potential security breaches, including brute-force hacks and DDOS attacks
  • Communicating quickly and efficiency, allowing businesses to get the job done anywhere in the midst of the remote work revolution

Unfortunately, it’s well-documented that despite the need for so many new tech roles, businesses are struggling to fill in-demand positions because the expertise simply isn’t there among the workforce.

That being said, there are actionable steps you, your team and hiring managers can take to ensure that you don’t fall behind. Whether you’re considering a field in IT or are looking to beef up your internal operations as a business owner, keep the following fields in the back of your mind.

Big Data
Big data has proven itself to go far beyond the realm of a business buzzword: more and more companies are interested in crunching huge numbers but simply don’t have the knowledge base to make it happen. From improving internal operations to making crucial marketing decisions, the benefits of understanding big data are potentially transformative to any given business.

If we’ve learned anything from industry juggernauts such as Google and Amazon, it’s that big data matters. Rather than sit on the fence, why not pursue your data scientist certification as means of expanding your knowledge base? Given that the average salary of a data expert sits comfortably above six figures (and growing), it’s no secret that data scientists will continue to be a valuable asset to companies for years to come.

The recent American election cycle was dominated by news of information leaks and cyber-attacks, leaving many modern companies are scrambling to figure out how to keep their precious data safe. Network security engineers and administrators are very much in demand given that attacks are rising at an alarming rate. In short, fear is without a doubt an incredibly powerful motivator for today’s tech companies following the mantra of “better safe than sorry.”

Cloud Technology
Businesses today strive to be as swift as possible when it comes to meeting the needs of employees and customers alike. Likewise, the transition toward an “all-cloud” business model is becoming the norm for companies looking to transform their internal infrastructure and storage. Given that spending on cloud technology is expected to nearly double to over $200 billion within the next four years, there’s no better time than now to familiarize yourself with SaaS and cloud computing.

Sure, technology seems to evolve faster than we can possibly keep up it with it; however, businesses are more than willing to splash cash in order to meet such demands and hire the best talent possible. Take the aforementioned fields into serious consideration if you’re looking to keep your skills relevant and stay in demand as a professional.

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