Buffalo MiniStation Extreme NFC Portable Hard Drive Review

We will be using both HD Tune Pro and ATTO Disk Benchmark to test the drive. First up is HD Tune Pro’s File Benchmark that is split into a sequential transfer speed test and a file benchmark test.


As you can see the drive maxes out right around 112 MB/s, which is pretty typical for a USB 3.0 powered hard drive.

ATTO Disk Benchmark also measures transfer rates across specific lengths. ATTO uses RAW data, our transfer sizes ranged from 0.5 to 8192kb.


Here you can see that the drive maxes out at 111 MB/s write and 113 MB/s read.

You also are about to download a program called TurboPC EX which is said to increase file transfer speeds. After installing it I ran the same two tests again.



These results are interesting as it seems the drive did increase transfer speed, but only for a short period of time half-way through each test. I was expecting a performance boost like we normally see from motherboard USB boost software, but this was erratic if anything.

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