In Win 707 Full Tower Case Review

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In Win is no new comer to the case manufacturing game in fact, In Win has been around since the beginning of computer customized building. When people began using factory made computers like Dell or HP some were starting to see they could build their own machines for less money and lots less bloat ware. In that time there were very few working on custom cases but back when guys started building their own computers back in 1986 In Win was ready to sell them a case. They grew year by year expanding their grip on an ever growing market of per-built cases but chances are very good that you have owned or even used an In Win case while modding one of your first cases without ever knowing that it came from that factory, but you loved the space and the solid steel frame that your new computer build was surrounded by.

In Win was always has been in the list of cases that we searched when case modding became a craze in the golden age of cases and modding, but only a few were really popular among Enthusiast until a few years ago when In Win put on a brand new Enthusiast face. The new Thick Aluminum and real shatter proof glass designs and the Amazing out of the box engineering and details of the S-Frame and the D-Frame reinvented what computer cases were supposed to look like.

Now with the In Win 707 Gaming Black case we now see has a more conventional style and high build quality that is reminiscent of the older days both in construction and constraints that were there before and here now. The $139.00 price tag of the current In Win 707 Black Gaming case would have been $179.00 or more back in 2009 but times have changed and the case makers are doing their level best to keep cost down but sacrificing build quality is not in this one except for the plastic ODD door in the front. The rest is heavy duty steel, great paint, features and flexibility to make a huge server case or a minimalist gamer case. There is room for an extremely fat double CPU Server motherboard or an E-ATX or ATX regular sized motherboard. Most reviewers have talked bad about this case saying that the In Win 707 Black Gaming case limited air flow for the motherboard due to the drive placement and that would be true if you were worried about the motherboard being overclocked and built for overzealous gaming rigs but this case also doubles as a server case as well and needs to keep the drive arrays cooler than the motherboard in those builds, but the drive modules inside this case can be removed and would be enough room for any gamer with a few drives and no real need for a 8 SAS or SATA hard drives in raid 5. Actually with the cages removed there is sufficient room and airflow in this case and room for more if necessary.

So let’s get on with a true Thinkcomputers’ review of the IN WIN 707 GAMING BLACK CASE

In Win 707 SPECS

– Transparent Acrylic Side Window Panel in the Gaming Black Series
– Superior Interior Design for Excellent Expandability
– Support of High-End Graphics Cards to a Length of 365mm
– Sleek Brushed Hairline Front Panel
– Top Mesh Design for Optimized Ventilation

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