In Win 707 Full Tower Case Review

The packaging of the In Win 707 Gaming Black case is everything you would expect from a large high end enthusiast case. The case is packed tight with thick double walled corrugated boxing, high quality PE FOAM (Polyethylene foam) insulation and very sticky covering over the front buttons and window.

For cost cutting measure the printing on the box is the now very common black on brown with just a touch of red color to get attention. Only the truly extremely high-end cases come with full color boxing as most would expect for truly cost is no object cases. The front of the case is just a moniker to let you know the name and the company and the size of the tower as if you would not get from the size of the washing machine sized box.

front box

The Back and the front have about the same theme with a slight difference leaving the average Retailer to swap sides to give the illusion of difference and movement in the stores. This is a common practice and business as usual but it works and help sales in the brick and mortar type of business atmosphere.

back box

The sides have very well positioned hand holds with the features specs and the contents of the box as there are two models of the In Win 707 Full tower case.

side box

Peeking inside the bottom of the case you can see the cut and glued high quality PE FOAM (Polyethylene foam) and the back down design of the placement of the case in the box. This is what a buyer should expect from a quality case that has lots of steel and weight.

bottom box exposed
Without the box we find that the In Win 707 Gaming Black case is tightly cocooned inside its insulated and isolated shell. This is for package strength, shock resistance and rain and chemical exposure. This case is very stable in its box and should make it to your doorstep no matter how many carriers kicked it to the curb.

padded case

The plastic is an 80lbs test PE-LD bag that can easily be used to pick up the entire case without tearing or stretching. The quality of the In Win packaging process is superb.

peel off stick on

Front, side window and the power button are all covered with a not just a static type plastic anti-scratch coating but also it is very sticky but left no residue on the case as I was pulling it off for this review. Actually I almost tore some of the side window cover because it is so well covered and protected.

peel off stick on

Finally the Case appears in its pristine form giving the new buyer the ability to enjoy the case as they were expecting. Crisp clean and untouched with that new case smell that we are all familiar with.

Feature 1

Contents of the Accessories box:
Another point is the way packaging is done with the accessories and hardware that come with your new case. The In Win 707 Gaming Black Full Tower case has the usual warranty information of 1 year, the instruction manual and all of the hardware needed for a complete build, but like every case they never seem to put enough cable ties in them for wire management but the hardware is top notch and the bag is a thick plastic zip-lock design to store your extra hardware for a truly rainy day.

Accessories bag

Here is an unpacked look at the parts each wrapped and labeled for individual purposes but I would have liked to see the individual baggies have a closure feature as most accessories are hardly every completely used and stored for a long while. Cutting a side of the bag with some scissors and then taping them back with some regular office tape should keep them separated after the build as been completed. As for me, I usually have lots of little baggies around to repackage them in an the just tape the label on for later understanding of what their purpose is.

707 Accessories

Over all the In Win 707 Gaming Black Case gets extremely high marks in the packaging department and gets my personal BEST rating for quality for their packaging from my (GOOD-BETTER-BEST) reviewer’s scale.

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