In Win 707 Full Tower Case Review

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The inside of the In Win 707 Gaming Black case is not new. The interior of this case is almost identical to the interior of the In Win GRone. That said why change something that is not broken? The case is great for builder, Modder, gamer or a really cool business server. The case can do everything you want and what’s different about this is that doing it all in one case is not bad in this case. The IN WIN 707 Gaming Black Case is great for so many types of builds it can do it all.

There were some issues about the slightly different hue of the front door but the red stripping around the door give a good outline to the difference making it not stand out as much if it were not edged it red color. Also we noticed the difficulty in cleaning the fan filters on both the top and bottom but that again is not a problem with this case since you won’t ever have to clean them out. The power supply sits clearly off the bottom of the case to allow good airflow even if the filters were completely clogged.

It’s obvious that In Win was going for overall looks and style on the outside with the classic nature of the case’s overall curb appeal with the slight addition of the outcropped side window with the In Win logo demurely etched into the acrylic smoked side window and the centered radiator mounts that easily hold a 360x120mm liquid cooling radiator at the top.

This case did not disappoint me at all and it was quite a welcomed change from working inside so many mid-towers as of late. In Win did a great job painting the inside and out of the case and the steel that it is made of makes this case almost bullet proof. It harkens me back to an earlier time of cases that could withstand the test of time. Thank you In Win for building a great case that can work in an office, home, or a commercial gaming house. This case is truly a sweet look and a sweet build with lots of quality with very few faults.

The In Win 707 case be found at my favorite online retailer for $136.45 at my favorite online retailer. Overall ThinkComputers give the In Win 707 Full Tower Case a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

– Strong steel casing
– Great look and style
– Well engineered tool free features with removable modules
– Lots of building room
– Lifted power supply mounting for up or down fan configurations
– Nice smoked scratch resistant acrylic window

– Problematic dust filter removal and cleaning
– Slightly different hue of the door
– Size could be an issue for some
– Obstructive front air flow

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