In Win 707 Full Tower Case Review

Outside the In Win 707 Black Gaming Case
The outlines of the In Win 707 Gaming Black EATX computer case is well defined, sharp, with a touch of classic hard angled flair. The case is structurally strong and built to last. The door is a little disappointing since it is a slightly different hue of color but the case is very nicely appointed in a new wave and old school fashion. One thing to keep in mind about this case is that it was made to be multipurpose. This case can double as a server case and a gamer with any board you might dare to put into it. The size of it is hard to show on pictures. It is a truly big case but the size is in the length of the case. This is a given since it was built for an extra large motherboard there is a tremendous amount of space in the case for a motherboard and a refrigerator, I joke…
So let’s look at what’s ticking inside the In Win 707 Gaming Black EATX Computer case.

Feature 1

The window of the case has a out cropping that gives more room inside as if it were needed any more with the 192mm clearance for an cooler so any one of them will be fine. While it’s hard to gauge the size in this picture, it does have the In Win brand etched in the center of the almond smoked acrylic that is really high quality and not as scratch prone as some cases that are currently out on the market now. The shape of the window is a little different from the flow of the all sharp angled looks of the rest of the case but it works and the panels are solid and quiet heavy SECC steel.

Windowed side view

The back of the case gives some big air to the back of the motherboard with either a 140 or 120mm fan option. The fan direction is left to the builder as it could be an exhaust or a blower to work heat that might be driven to the back of the case since the top ventilation is centered to the ceiling of the case there is room for convection current around the radiator if you go that route.

back side view

As the bottom reveals the case feet are not rubber coated as you would expect for a case of this class and the filter elements are the same found with cases costing much less. The Filters are held in by metal tabs build from the frame and are very difficult to remove and replace unless you are willing to lay a towel down and turn it over on its side to clean them. As an additional note there is room for a 240 X 120 water cooling radiator to fit in the area in front of the power supply.

bottom ventilation

The front door is plastic brushed metallic like the rest of the front of the case and it uses a simple press and release type of opening operation. The door opens a full 100 degrees and is easy to remove by letting the hinges snap into place.

Drive door clicked

As it is obvious for the reader to tell there is not much room behind the door but the door is very thin and will allow for the buttons of an ODD drive to not be accidentally while when opening but anything that protrudes out more than a millimeter or two will find some really close confinement with the door. One the other hand the door when completely secured in the closed position lines up of the swinging panel is ultra flush with the outer part of the case.

door opened

Air intake from the sides was first used by Lian Li and many cases have followed this design as it adds to the looks of the front and still allows just as much fresh air to enter the front of the case fans that in turn blow onto the drive bays or when removed flows into the inside of the case for maximum heat dissipation.

intake front

The front and the back of the case pictures shown here shows the unusually wide size of this case. Not much to see in the front but the black with the red stripping around it, and that’s the whole idea for In Win on this model. A Minimalist theme or flair on a case that lets the power on the inside do all the bragging. On the back there are 4 rubber lined water cooling ports for outer water cooling configurations. The I/O shield area is perfectly set and the 140 mm rear exhaust fan can blow out heat super efficiently without making any noise. The 8 PCI slots give room for the largest of motherboards and the power supply at the bottom can be mounted both fan up and fan down depending on the builders choice. I would personally not worry about this because even if the filter was to become completely clogged the power supply sits up a good inch off the base of the case to breath efficiently if that inlet was to be totally obstructed. A good trick is to wipe it with a lightly damp paper towel it can clean the dust right off the top of the filter without removal but be easy and don’t make the filter come off or you will find yourself on Google looking up new swear words to replace them.

front and back
The control and Input/output area are recessed into the top of the front bezel. Starting with a hard drive activity light, 2 x 3.0 USB an in / out audio port and 2 USB 2.0 receptacles. Finally on the side we find the piano finished power on button but there is not a reset button on this case.

control panel

Finally the top of the case has a outcropped Modder’s mesh radiator shroud with an internal mesh non-removable filter that can be really problematic in dusty environments so it is likely that most people will remove this for obvious reasons. It would be advisable to remove this filtration altogether to keep from having to clean the filter unless you are able to take the case outside and blow it out with about 60 psi of air power remove any obstructive dust buildup between the mesh and the filter.

 top radiator shroud

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