Building the Ultimate Esports PC: Why Computer Hardware Matters

Offering a wide range of competitive games, from one-on-one games, and tournaments, to free for all games, esports has never been more popular. Add significant money prizes and adrenalin to that and you will understand why. Although it may seem easy, becoming good at games such as Dota or the League of Legends, takes time, requires dedication, and of course, as in every sport, a bit of talent. However, there is one more thing that can give you a significant advantage over other players, and it is a strong PC engine.

In esports, having a good PC is equal to having an efficient car engine in Formula 1, or basically, you might have all the necessary skills, but will rarely be able to compete for the podium positions. Constructing a strong esports PC is challenging as every component must be carefully chosen, as even the smallest hardware upgrade can have a big impact on how well you perform. Therefore the idea of this article is to give an insight into all of the things in esports PC that count and make difference.

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The Basics of Computer Hardware

Simply said, computer hardware is the actual physical parts that a computer system requires to function. It includes everything with a circuit board and runs within a PC or laptop, such as CPU (central processing unit), motherboard, graphics cards, power supply, etc. Logically, due to different sizes PCs and laptops have different hardware designs, but they both have the same core elements.

Without hardware, it would be impossible to run the software, the virtual program that runs on a computer, and that makes it useful. It consists of operating systems, internet browsers, etc. Even though for usable PC hardware and software must cooperate, the speed and strength of the system will mostly rely on the hardware. Therefore, when building up a new PC, it is of high importance to know exactly what parts to assemble the hardware. It is almost equally important to get the latest esports news and be informed about esports results and upcoming games.

The Importance of CPU and GPU For Esports Gamers

Although most gaming PC designers are trying to deliver high-powered graphics, the CPU is still the most important component of every PS, including the gaming one. In order to have amazing graphics, at high 1080p resolutions, the processor must be fast and capable of delivering. Meaning that a powerful CPU will be able to perform multiple operations at the same time, improving gaming performance and providing a smooth and consistent frame rate.

In a gaming scenario, the CPU’s work would not be complete without GPU, as these two work together to provide players with the best possible experience. Meaning that the CPU, as the brain of the PC, sends instructions to the GPU, which then renders quality images during the play.

RAM and PC Speed Importance for Esports PC

RAM’s main application is holding data of high importance which the CPU requires, in other words, it loads the data and then links it with the CPU and main storage. Its most important characteristic is to hold all crucial files in the same place, and quickly proceed them to CPU upon the request when the game is launched.

Regarding the RAM it is important to understand that it will not necessarily give you an advantage while playing, but it will provide smoother gameplay. The thing is that each game is designed to use a certain amount of PC’s RAM, meaning that if for example, the game is using 8GB of RAM memory and the PC has 16GB of RAM, in this case, the game will only be using 8GB and remaining 8GB will be available for something else.

On the other hand, if the PC has less than 8GB of RAM memory, and the game is 8GB then the results might be disappointing. The game will not be able to load at the right speed, it will slow down the whole PC and it will lag a lot, and this is certainly not a wanted situation when competing against the best players in esports. From this, we can understand that RAM and PC Speed are closely connected, and as much as it is desirable to have better storage, it is not one of the utmost important characteristics.

PC Peripherals that Add Up to the Quality

Gaming mice, huge, high-resolution monitors, and a keyboard are almost equally important factors when building an ultimate esports PC. By using a high-quality gaming mouse, with special characteristic buttons and adjustable sensitivity will help players’ accuracy and response time. Esports gamers also rely on the keyboard, which is why investing in a mechanical keyboard with alterable key switches and anti-ghosting technology will improve your game.

Lastly, a high-resolution monitor will add up to the whole gaming experience with a high refresh rate and lag-free gaming. Some of the most popular gaming gear brands are Cooler Master Technology lnc., CORSAIR gaming, and Logitech.

In a nutshell, we come back to the equivalence of a decent PC in esports and a good engine in a Formula 1 car. No matter how skilled a player/ driver might be if the PC/vehicle lacks a powerful and dependable engine, it will never be possible to compete for the highest positions. In esports, a PC that runs smoothly with good graphics, high processing capabilities, and good networks is nothing less but essential.