Busting PC Gaming Myths

Who doesn’t love gaming these days?! Whether it is games on a smart phone, console or a PC, you will find all youngsters and elders engrossed in some video game in their free time.

People often pick PC for their favourite videogames as the experience has really gotten better over the years. Today, you can play all kinds of games ranging from online pokies to 3D computer games on your PC. However, there are still plenty of misconceptions surrounding PC gaming that discourage new gamers from venturing into it. Here in this article, we will bust some such PC gaming myths.

PC gaming is dead, or is dying

Well, it’s true that PC is dead, especially in the way everyone used to perceive it. It’s no longer a monitor, mouse and keyboard connected to each other with a bunch of wires. New-age PCs are your tablets, smartphones and ultra-thin laptops. In fact, personal computing has never been so personal. Even though the conventional notion of a PC is a thing of the past, gaming is one sector where PC has grown exponentially over the past one decade.

With an annual revenue of over $ 25 billion, PC gaming industry is now well ahead of the console market. This might come as a surprise to people who thought PC was dead, but makes great sense to gamers who’ve been using it to play new-age games. In fact, PC gaming will never die even if consoles get better and better with time.

The costs of PC gaming are too high

Nothing denying the fact that building an ideal gaming PC can be expensive initially, especially compared to a console or a game download on your phone. However, what people don’t realise is that you can do a lot more with a PC than playing just videogames. Let’s say you wish to buy a new gaming console. If you go ahead with your decision, you will also need to buy some games, a handful of accessories as well as an online subscription enabling you to play with your buddies. Let’s see how much you will end up spending:

Console – Close to $ 400

Videogames – Around $ 60 per game

Accessories – There’s no end to how much you can spend

Online membership – Close to $ 40 per annum

As you can see, the costs of console gaming can add up fairly quickly. Compare that to some of the well-known PC games such as the extremely cheap ‘Counter Strike’ and the free of cost ‘Dota 2’, no need of the latest hardware and no extra charges for playing online, and you will see how PC gaming is so cost effective.

pc buying2

Limited games

One of the biggest myths surrounding PC gaming is the limitation in terms of games. In fact, the number of games you can access on PC is actually one of the biggest strengths of the platform. Not only do you get access to the latest games, there are so many independent titles that never get released on other platforms. In addition, storefronts like Origin, GOG and Steam are well known to offer some amazing discounts, offering multiple games at the price of one, making it a very cheap affair for the gamers.

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