CableMod Announces PRO Series PSU Cables

Thanks to the undying support of an incredibly enthusiastic community, CableMod has become the go-to maker of premium sleeved cables and other modding accessories in just three short years. Thorough this time, we have been listening intently to community feedback on how to take our products to the next level. Today, CableMod is proud to announce the result of this feedback – the CableMod PRO Series. Featuring thicker wires, closed cable combs, and a totally revamped color scheme, the CableMod PRO Series represents the next-generation of CableMod cables engineered for discerning PC enthusiast.

cablemod1 cablemod2 cablemod3 cablemod4

The CableMod PRO Series begins with all-new extra-thick wires. Reducing the gap between each wire, the effect is a fuller, more robust look. To perfect the aesthetics on the motherboard side, each cable is also carefully constructed to completely eliminate any merged terminals, which means only a clean and tangle-free wires are visible for an unmatched professionally-sleeved look.

To tie everything together, all of the main cables also come with premium closed cable combs pre-installed, giving you professional results straight out of the box. To maintain the flexibility of the 4+4 pin EPS cable, we’ve even included all-new Hybrid Cable Combs that can be installed by the user to maintain a consistent appearance across every main cable.

CableMod PRO Series is launching initially with our immensely popular ModMesh sleeving, which delivers both vibrant color and superb durability. Each color combination has been community-driven to offer a fresh, new look that will work with a wide selection of hardware on the market.

The CableMod PRO Series will be offered in both replacement PSU cable kits, as well as extension kits. Both offerings will be available in the following colors:

CableMod PRO Series Cable Kits are complete replacements for PSU cables, which leads to less cable clutter. Here is a list of the PSUs and models that work with CableMod PRO Series Cable Kits:

A complete list of compatible models is also available on the official website.

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