Can Desktop Computers Compete in a Mobile World?

Gaming is an ever-evolving hobby that relies on the latest technology to push it into new forms of play. One of the biggest changes has been the move to mobile gaming. With all the big companies now waking up to the money that can be made on mobile devices, just how will the desktop computer survive in this new world?

The answer is, not surprisingly, very easy. While mobile gaming may have the advantages of allowing the gamer to play on the move, it lacks the real power of the desktop PC. The trusty computer we have on our desks can do it all, it is the most versatile piece of technology in our homes. The only thing that holds it back is it tends to keep you in one spot.

The reason why mobile gaming isn’t really a threat to the PC though is pure power, and the user base. What mobile gaming brings with it is a device that can only be upgraded by purchasing a new one. This is where the PC wins out. Not only can you open the machine up and upgrade it piece by piece, but you have full control over what hardware is in your “rig”. You have the choice of what operating system to use, and full control over where the software will be installed.

While mobile devices like the iPhone and Samsung’s latest phones may be very powerful pieces of technology, the PC still has the edge here. To get the most out of the latest Triple A games, the PC is the machine of choice. While consoles also have the edge over mobile devices, they too cannot match the power of a high-end PC. This is why the PC will not lose its edge over mobile devices, and of course consoles.

Why do some believe that the future of gaming is mobile? Well the main reason is that the mobile revolution in sports and casino has offered new platforms for players. It allows mobility, and of course it offers an ease of use to the gaming that is very welcoming even to the most casual of player. You can play on the new Sloty Casino, or the latest Candy Crush Saga clone on the move, and that is what makes a lot of people turn to mobile devices to play games.

The other fact is that games on mobile devices can be cheap, and can even be free. We’ve seen free-to-play games appear on the PC and consoles, but it is on the mobile devices that they have found a true home. The freemium games that offer the ability to play games without putting in cash have been a huge success, so it is no wonder that there is a belief that mobile gaming will become the most popular form of play.

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