Can the Steam Deck really bring mobile gaming to the masses?

Valve, the company behind the video game digital distribution service Steam that was launched back in 2003, will introduce a product into the market in early 2022 that could potentially revolutionise the entire video game market.

Indeed, the company has revealed that their Steam Deck device is scheduled to be released in February 2022, with prices having been set to be rather competitive to a number of different games consoles and similar devices.

The Steam Deck gadget will allow players to enjoy all their favourite Steam-based games all in one place and will also combine many of the features that can already be experienced via the use of the downloadable software that is commonly used on a computer device currently.

This means gamers who have enjoyed these games before will no longer be required to sit at a desk as they will now have a portable device that will provide them with the power and the convenience to game wherever they go. However, will this be enough to bring the mobile gaming industry to the masses?

There is every chance that the Steam Deck accomplishes a huge goal

It is no secret that the mobile gaming industry is one that has managed to thrive over the years in regards to how lucrative it is and how it has proven to be incredibly popular with players from all around the world, as well.

A couple of figures to have recently been found highlight just how big mobile gaming is, with findings revealing that 21% of Android and 25% of iOS apps downloaded are games, and that games account for 43% of all smartphone use. Furthermore, the number of active mobile gamers worldwide is over 2.2 billion.

Of course, there have been a variety of different types of games being used on mobile devices, with many enjoying the thousands of casino games available at Casumo to enjoy an online betting experience, whilst others have turned to those that can be downloaded straight from respective app stores.

However, the Steam Deck will provide gamers a completely new option and one where the entire gameplay experience might be about to change for the better. Players will be able to enjoy what might be called ‘proper’ games that are more powerful and simply unable to operate on a traditional smartphone device, thus allowing them to enjoy the same kind of experience that they would be able to expect to enjoy when sitting at a computer.

There are some concerns, though

When thinking about whether the Steam Deck will be able to bring mobile gaming to the masses, it would be wise to think about all of the potential drawbacks that could be experienced with the launch of this device.

For instance, whilst the price of the gadget would appear to be competitive alongside other games consoles, some might not be willing or will be unable to splash out that kind of money, meaning part of the market could remain untapped, whilst others might simply remain as traditional as possible and not want to change or alter their gaming experiences from what is being enjoyed currently.