After being massively hyped for close to 2 months non-stop by Samsung, the galaxy s8 is here with us. All I can say is, it was worth the wait. There are so many mind-boggling features on this new phone I fear you may never get to use some. Nevertheless, the more the merrier, as the saying goes. The first item you will notice once you grab hold of the phone is its large screen.

Gone are the days of the button at the bottom of the screen, instead the screen covers almost the whole screen. If you’re a fleet owner, tracking your fleet is now easy, thanks to the large display. This is not the only feature to get you giddy with excitement here are a few more:

Iris scanner

Yep, you read that right! This phone is equipped with the latest iris technology. You no longer have to fear your confidential data or information will be accessed by unauthorized persons. Only you can access that data through a secure iris scanner.

On top of that, you get an artificial intelligence assistant named Bixby. The assistant is a rival to IPhone’s wildly popular assistant, Siri. Bixby will constantly gather your traits and habits and help you out plan your day out. What’s more, you could have the assistant recommend restaurants or parks near you.

Fingerprint scanner

Samsung has pulled out all the stops to ensure your data and information is secure. On top of having an iris scanner on the phone, there is also a fingerprint scanner. Since there is no home button on the phone anymore, the scanner is at the back of the phone. It is right next to the phone’s camera. Whether this will be a popular feature, only time will tell.

Better selfie camera

Front facing cameras in phones are almost eclipsing rear cameras in their importance. This can be seen clearly with this phone. The rear camera has not received a major boost in comparison with the previous model. However, the “selfie” camera has received a remarkable boost.

Boasting an 8-megapixel camera and an f/1.7 lens, the results are spectacular. The camera takes great “selfies” and videos. It is also very fast and quick to focus. If you’re an avid fan of selfies, this is the best phone to capture them.


This feature simply stands for desktop experience. If you had been yearning for a way to integrate your phone into your computer, this phone has got you covered. Simply put, this integrates into your computer with minimal hustle. Once you buy the phone you’re provided with a bowl-like stand. Here’s where you dock the phone and a cable directly connects to the computer from the bowl-like stand.

Wrap –up

There are loads of yet to be discovered feature on this new phone. A guarantee is you won’t get bored of this phone anytime soon. The best part about this phone is that there has been no compromise on its beauty. It looks ravishing, whichever angle you look at it from.

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