What You Need to Know About Fiber Internet

Whether you have realized it or not, fiber optics is the future when it comes to internet connectivity. The thing is, most people in America don’t have a good understanding of the way that they connect to the internet. It doesn’t matter to them how they connect, just that they can. As long as they can check their email, access their work, or trade their fantasy football assets, they are fine. However, fiber optic internet could very well be the way of the future.

Fiber Optic Cables

If you go to www.cables.com, you will be able to take a look at some of the options available when it comes to fiber optic cables. Fiber optics are thin, long fibers that have been made from glass. When it comes to the diameter of these fibers, think about the width of one of your hairs. When these fibers get bundled together, they can use light to send data across vast distances at incredibly high speeds. When compared to copper wires, fiber optic cables have frequency ranges that are much higher too. Also, glass is not a conductor of electricity, and this means that fiber optic cables are not as susceptible to things like connectivity issues and noise that is due to interference of an electrical nature.


It isn’t a secret at all that fiber internet has high speeds. How fast are they though? With fiber internet, depending on the speed you pay for, you can download things from the internet at up to a gigabit a second! This is as much as 100 times faster than the internet that most people in the US have. Google was offering their slowest fiber speeds in Kansas City for free, not anymore though. Their slowest speeds were still faster than what you are using to read this. Consider that with your average speed internet connection you can download a movie in high definition in about 22 minutes. With a fiber internet connection, you can download the same move as quickly as 8 seconds!


When looking at ethernet connections vs. fiber optic connections, you have to take security into account. Ethernet uses the copper wires we just touched on. This type of connection has a vulnerability to the information being sent over it being intercepted. Yes, you can improve the security by using ethernet switches, but why would you do that when you can switch to fiber optic cables and have the information that you are sending be incredibly difficult to intercept? This is because it is sent using light and light just can’t be read like the signals that are sent using copper cables can.


You might not realize it, but fiber optic internet can actually help to improve our economy a bit. Because of its high power connectivity and high speeds, businesses will have better access to cloud based services and online tools, which will mean that they will be better able to be more competitive. Aside from that, widespread use of this type of internet connection can assist in connecting consumers with the e – commerce businesses they shop at and use all across the country. Also, if you listen to Obama, fiber optic internet can assist in spurring communities across the country to revitalize.


It is true that right now, there just isn’t the availability that there is with cable internet and DSL. However, it is becoming more available as time goes on and as it does, more businesses, consumers, and communities are beginning to realize that there are quite a few benefits to this reliable and extremely fast service. Also, with the support of the former President, access to this service is something that will spread with a quickness.


Right now, the cost of fiber internet varies widely depending on your location. For example, in Charlotte, NC, you are able to get internet and TV for around $130 a month, while in Kansas City, it is about half that. Of course, these prices are before the applicable fees and taxes have been added, but at prices like these, this is certainly something that is comparable and competitive when compared to cable and DSL and you get higher speeds with more security.

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