Google Fiber Ends Its Free Service In Kansas City

When Google Fiber first landed in Kansas City it was free. All you had to do was pay a one-time installation fee and your internet service was free after that. Well it seems that is not the case anymore as Google is taking that offer off the table. They have announced that they will be dropping the free service in Kansas City.


The free service offered 5 megabit download speeds, which is sufficient for most people. There was also a “super fast” gigabit service offered for $70 a month.

In place of the free service Google will now be pushing their Fiber 100 service, which is not as fast as the gigabit option, but still 20 times faster than the free option. It will be $50 a month. These new paid options will not come with an installation fee. So that may get more people to sign up.

Current subscribers to the free option have until May 19th to keep their initial agreement, which lasts up to 7 years. After that they will need to sign up for a paid service, or find another ISP.

This change from a free to paid service is likely because Google Fiber is facing pressure to turn the business into a competitive internet service provider.

Source: Re/code | News Archive

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