Mobile Devices Are Improving Healthcare Services

If you’ve been to a hospital lately, you will notice that doctors, physicians and nurses are now carrying tablets instead of their usual writing pads. These tablets, specifically designed to be durable and for the healthcare industry, are among the many reasons why healthcare services are becoming more accurate and affordable. In fact, the use of mobile devices is affecting the healthcare industry in many ways.

According to research completed by the University of Cincinnati, 79% of physicians believe that the use of mobile devices can make care coordination more effective. Paired with electronic medical records and digital medical imaging, doctors and nurses can now gain access to patient information as well as other necessary resources in real-time. Students who are pursuing an online masters in health informatics are also learning about how to optimize the use of mobile devices. These changes are being implemented across the nation as part of the improvements to the industry.

You can learn more about the use of mobile devices in healthcare from the full infographic, The Anatomy of a Health IT Ecosystem by

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