Make the Most Out of Your Gaming PC

A gamer knows the importance of ensuring your computer is up to the job. Sometimes Windows can become bogged down over time, to the point where your system’s lag could cause unfortunate gaming deaths and frustrations. Therefore, it is important to keep your PC in near-perfect condition, ensure optimal updates are installed, and your hard drive defragged.

Here are a few essential tips to ensure you get the best possible PC gaming experiences.

Improve Internet Speed

Poor internet is a nuisance for everyone, whether they are a gamer or not. With being online becoming an incredible importance to a person’s life, bad Wi-Fi or zero 4G can make someone’s duties, fun and chores grind to a halt. Although many houses have top fiber broadband deals with internet speeds of 15-20Mbps which is satisfactory enough for gaming, the modern home usually has several devices connected to the internet at one time. Therefore, this causes a strain on your bandwidth.

If you are suffering from lag or the dreaded signs of buffering appear on your web page, make sure to test your internet speed. For gaming, check the download speed, and if the speed is below 10Mbps, then it is time to consider a broadband upgrade.

Lag does not only effect games such as Overwatch, Firewatch or Resident Evil VII – it also impacts online gaming such as online gambling and music or Netflix streaming. Once you have improved your internet speed, you will be able to play without the risk of lag/buffering – after all, you wouldn’t want your poor internet connection to hinder any online combat, a boss battles or the chance to use some great energybet promotions when wanting to bet on your team taking home the gold. There is nothing worse than your sports team winning and you weren’t able to cash in on it.

Install More RAM/Update Windows

Adding more memory to your PC can be the most beneficial upgrade that could enhance your gaming experience. If you run out of RAM, it will start placing the data onto the hard drive which causes a great performing computer into a sluggish machine. For gamers who may not be able to afford 16GB, 8GB is a happy medium.

Unlike Apple, Windows is not free from bugs and is much more likely to be targeted by viruses or scams. By keeping your Windows PC manually updated, you will minimize or close and security holes while making sure your drivers are updated.

Reduce Start-up Applications

A few applications on your PC are set to automatically run once you turned your computer on, and once some applications are installed such as Skye, they sign you in automatically which begins to add to the pre-existing applications. Therefore, to counter this issue, you can easily disable apps which lessen the use of RAM.

Defragging or SSD

Windows already has a built-in defragmentation tool. However, there are many other user-friendly interfaces that could create an easier shortcut to defragging files, folders, etc. Defragging game data means levels load faster while providing a performance increase.

Not all gamers are keen on defragging their PCs, and with SSDs reducing in price, they make for a viable option for home users when upgrading their computers. The primary benefit of an SSD is that it can increase the speed, meaning data can be read more quickly.

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