Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac vs Camtasia Review

When you look for apps that will let you record your Mac’s screen, the two that you’re likely to encounter are Movavi Screen Capture Studio and Camtasia. Both are well-established and extremely popular, which is why you may be unsure which you should use.


If you’d like some help figuring out whether you should use Movavi Screen Capture Studio as a Camtasia alternative for Mac, what better way to do so than by comparing them head to head:


  • User interface

When you compare the user interface of both these apps side by side, the difference is glaring. The interface in Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac is modern-looking and intuitive, and places all the options that you need right there. On the other hand Camtasia’s is more complicated and some options can be difficult to locate.


  • Screen capture options and features

As far as the core screen capture options and features are concerned, both apps tend to be fairly similar. That being said there are a few differences, most notably that Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac has a timer that will let you automatically start and stop your recordings. Additionally while both let you capture screenshots during a recording, Movavi will also let you edit them whereas Camtasia will not.


  • Editing features

Part of the appeal of both apps is that they come with editing features, and both supply a very similar set. The only difference between the two is that once again Camtasia’s interface leaves a lot to be desired in its editor and can appear complicated. In contrast Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.


  • Price

At the end of the day the price is an important factor and Camtasia for Mac will set you back $99. That is about double what Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac costs at $49.95 – making it a steep investment for an app that is similar and slightly behind in some areas.


All in all it should be clear that both Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac and Camtasia are really quite similar and will provide you with everything you need to record videos from your screen and edit them. However the intuitive nature of Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac coupled with the additional features that it brings to the table and much more reasonable price point make it the clear frontrunner in this case.

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