The successful website and what makes it that way

Through the grace of SEO, websites are able to pull in huge amounts of visitors every day, given they have the proper setup in place. You can read more about SEO and its impact on website traffic, but for now let us limit ourselves at knowing what the elements of a truly outstanding website are. In this article we explore the various reasons why great websites are great and not so great websites remain that way despite their most valiant efforts.


A website could have the most intriguing content on the internet, and no one would know about it. The reason for this is the fact that websites need an enticing wrapping to promote the contents and get readers “hungry” enough with the appetizer. Throughout the years, many designs have proven themselves successful and have been copied and re-invented to suit the needs of each individual website using them. By implementing a great web page design and overall structure, a website is guaranteed to pull in higher numbers.

Friends in high places

One thing that many website owners neglect is the connection their domains have with other places on the internet. It’s important to connect the website with other important sites that can market and promote it. So called “friends” that can lend a helping hand especially in the early days of a website are paramount when spreading the word about its inception is critical.


Similar to design, structure dictates how easy or how hard it will be for visitors to get to a specific location on the website. If they have been looking for a category or page on the site for the last 15 minutes, then the structure of the site is most likely flawed. All pages should be easy to access and provide competent information about how to get to deeper locations on a domain.


Contact Delivery Network or CDN for short refers to a service that pushes content online as part of a server. The main goal of this service is to improve loading speeds on web pages by providing closer and faster servers for users. Users upload their content on the CDN server and the closest server to each individual site request will answer with the requested data. This is a must have for all websites that value high standards as today’s online ecosystem doesn’t allow for websites to be anything else than lightning fast. Websites must cater to the needs of users which have gotten accustomed to this manner of browsing and will not accept lower standards.

These are some of the elements that bring success and high traffic to some websites, and the lack of which denies such things from others. Implementing or not implementing these measures can prove to be highly impactful on any online platform.

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