Smart Ways To Monetize An App in 2017

When you build any kind of app, it’s tough to get people to buy it. In fact, you essentially need to already be a very well-known and recognizable brand for that to happen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make money from your app. There are plenty of developers who do it all the time, but you need to be smart with your monetization efforts.

Monetization doesn’t have to happen through third-party popups either, which tend to be a big turnoff for users.

You can still have a free app, without tons of distracting popups, and the following are some good ways to do that in 2017.

Integrate Ads Into Your Content

Popup ads are never appealing, but there are ways to still incorporate advertisements into an app and do so in a way that’s seamless and non-disruptive to the user. Native advertising is an excellent way to monetize a free app, and when you find ways to integrate ads into content naturally, your users may not even notice them.

You want ads that are a natural fit with your content and seamlessly tie together with the overall experience you’re offering users.

Premium Content and Access

One of the really simple ways to make money when you create an app but still offer free download options is to do something where there are either two versions of the app, or there are two different types of access, one of which is paid and one of which is free.

A lot of customers will go with the free option at first, maybe even during a limited trial period. If your app is compelling enough to them, they will be willing to pay for upgrades and more content.

The concept is simple with this option, but you have to put a lot of emphasis on making sure your user experience is outstanding to push people toward the paid version or access.

Another variation of this is the subscription model, but again, you’re going to have to put a lot of focus on keeping regular, great content coming through.

Using Data

Using the data your app collects can mean money, but it’s also one that can be somewhat tricky because of various laws and regulations regarding how this is done. Some apps will directly sell the customer data they collect, while others will use it in the creation of extremely targeted marketing campaigns.

When you do plan to monetize the data collected through your app, you’ll have to get to know your user and understand how you can gather what you need in an ethical, legal way and in a way that’s going to minimize the disruption they experience when using the app.

As a final note, monetizing your app might be as simple as gathering emails. When you use your app as a simple way to get emails, you can then start engaging with customers in different ways, building relationships with them and ultimately getting them to buy from you.

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