Top 3 online slots based on DC comics

There are so many opportunities for users of the Internet to earn money without any problems. People developed different websites, where you can carry out simple tasks and get additional income. However, it’s a widely known fact that online gambling is one of the most profitable ways to earn more cash without any problems. Professional thrill seekers can earn more than 10,000 dollars overnight. This index is incredible and that’s why people from all over the world refer to online casinos to hit the jackpot.

However, if you really want to be a professional gamer, you have to choose your favorite type of amusement. Most gamblers usually prefer to play slot machines. Figure out more about slots, pros and cons, some pieces of advice how to find the right casino site here; therefore, we are going to consider some popular types of pokies based on DC comics.

The list of “DC poker machines”

The most reliable and influential developers on the market of online gambling usually use popular characters for their amusements. They try to attract more clients with the aid of this hint and make their slot more colorful. Developers usually use characters from famous movies or series such as Blade and Jurassic Park. However, there are many entertainments based on the comic books, which are extremely popular in our society nowadays. Let’s figure out these slot machines.

  • Dark Knight

This poker machine is based on the famous movie, which was directed by the genius of moviemaking – Christopher Nolan. It’s one of the best movie based on comics. The main characters Joker and Batman are really impressive. That’s why Microgaming company decided to create a game based on this movie. However, the most profitable feature is their progressive jackpot, which gives you an opportunity to win millions of dollars every time, when you turn on the mechanism.


  • Superman

One of the centenarians in the world of superheroes – Superman. Immortal Kryptonite resident, who fights against the force of evil every day. If you want to get unique symbols, profitable bonuses and interesting gameplay, you should choose this slot machine as soon as possible.

  • The Flash – Velocity


The Flash is the fastest person all over the world. This superhero in the universe of DC has already proven that he can solve any problem instantly. However, the game gives you a possibility to gamble at any speed. Just make a bet and get free rounds with 5x rates! Just google this game and make sure yourself.

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