Windows 10 Is Here To Stay. Still Miss Windows 7?

When Microsoft started promoting Windows 10, almost everyone using this OS was sold to the idea. I mean, what was better than that new interface that brought so many new features together? Users scheduled their upgrades, and they were ready to take off.

The upgrade and its features were the ideal conversion rate optimization for most content creators. Windows users were curious, and so they fished for every bit of information available. A year later, what did Microsoft miss with Windows 10 and what are the sentiments?

Automatic Updates

Think of anything more annoying than automatic updates. You are in the middle of creating content, you creative juices are working overtime, and all is well until the system finds an available update that it automatically decides to make available. You never asked for the upgrade because your software is working okay, but still…

This has been one of the main complaints all year long. Bring back the days when we made our choices!

Privacy Settings

Coming from Windows 7 and 8.1, users had more control over their privacy settings. This changed slightly with the introduction of Windows 10. While some features you can manipulate to allow some private data, others you cannot disable, unless you are on the Enterprise version.

While that makes business sense to the company, it has led to a backlash from users who felt that their telemetry data is being collected and they cannot control it. The concern here is poor communication.

Numerous Adverts

The interface is impressive, but some people are complaining that it took them a minute to learn how to shut their computers. Still better than any other version of Windows, if you ask me. The main complaint here is the number of adverts on some of the tabs. Is it necessary to have them there? They are a tad annoying, as all adverts are wont to be.

Okay, Back To Basics

Those complaints about the start menu are valid. Word o the street is that it is too flashy and lacks basic functionality. Let’s start with the limited entries you can make. You are limited to 500 of them, and anything above this will create shortcuts to the applications you just created unavailable even when you search them on the Start menu. That was not the case with Windows 7.

On the other hand, you will get information on the latest scores in football your (not so favorite) celebrity, and the stock market, still on the same start menu. We were used to a simpler menu, Microsoft.

Get Comfortable

Fact: Microsoft intends to keep updating the operating system to keep it up to date, and to fix bugs that you report. So, if you are going to stick with the OS, you might as well deal with that. You can check online how to disable automatic updates so that you get notifications.

Something else that would work well is upgrading to the Enterprise version of Windows for better services. In the meantime, we hope that Microsoft has better plans for the future as far as this upgrade is concerned.

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