The modern world of gambling

Nowadays, everything is mobile, or almost everything. Mobile gaming has increased tremendously in recent years, this holds true even for other things, such as viewing Youtube on the go. One area that has been lagging a little bit behind is mobile gambling. It has not had the growth as other mobile games and applications have had. But now everything is starting to change. According to a recent study in the UK gamblers are now turning to mobile devices in an alarming rate. With the latest statistics from the Gambling Comission out; it’s clear that there now is a rapid year-on-year growth in the making, for online mobile gambling. According to these statistics there is a 10 % increase year-on-year. We are talking about a gambling & bingo market where 43 % of all online gambling are being performed on the mobile.


What is going on in the world of gambling right now? Why is mobile gambling suddenly taking over? Maybe it is not yet the most popular form of online gambling, but it will likely be so within a few years. We have listed a few reasons to why this incredible coup d’etat is taking place in cyberspace.


  • It works better on mobile devices. As mobile devices improve so does online gambling. During recent years the gambling experience on a mobile device has surpassed the experience on a PC. Meaning, today’s mobile casino games offering free spins make the gambler feel more immersed and happier about the whole online gambling experience. In essence, the mobile device is now better at delivering a quality experience.
  • It is more convenient. As mobile devices improve so does the level of convenience for their users. People gambling online are beginning to notice how gambling on a mobile is not less convienent compared to on a PC, on the contrary; it is easier, simpler and therefore better, on the whole.
  • Social media is aware of the benefits. Social media today, is most often taking place on mobile platforms, so what better way of promoting social games like bingo than through social media on mobile devices? Obviously, this is far more credible, then if the marketing came from regular sources. Remember that the younger generation mostly use social media as means of communication.
  • A younger generation. The younger generation is taking over, they are the so-called ‘Millenials’. They grew up with online gaming and they know all about it. For them a Smartphone is not such a new phenomenon as they were merely school kids when this incredible new piece of technology was born. As they now grow older (18 – 25 years old) they are slowly entering a world of online gambling, and so, gambling on mobile devices are expected to rise even more, as mobility is everything for these kids.
  • Manufacturers are getting it. Manufacturers of mobile devices are finally getting it. Producers of online gambling sites are finally getting it. Mobile application makers are finally getting it. The future is mobile, and the future is here. Online gambling is huge already, and, most pieces of the puzzle are now realising the potential that online gambling has, especially with regards to mobile gambling. In the future, everyone could potentially gamble a bit online. It would be like playing the lottery today. It would be cheap, convenient and everyone would have time to do it.


Look no further, the future is here, the future of online gambling that is. The oppurtunities are incredible, and we are all very excited to face a completely mobile future. Why don’t you also try mobile gambling? No, it is not dangerous, and yes, it is for everybody. You are playing lottery right now aren’t you? So, why not then? Many are afraid that online gambling will somehow make them addicts, if they try it once. This is obviously not the case, and with regards to mobile gambling online; you will yourself in a whole new and exciting world, together with hundreds of thousands of other happy online gamblers. Go on my son, give it a shot!

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