Case Mod Friday: Golden Dragon

Project Name: Golden Dragon

Builder: AK Blackcloud

About This Mod / Build: It seems these awesome Lian Li PC-011 builds never end! This week we have a very eye-catching build that has a great white and gold color design that just looks amazing!


Processor: Intel i9 9900K (tray) (Delidded and used OC-Frame). Not overclocked yet. Very fresh build.
Motherboard: Asus PRIME Z390-A
Graphics card: Nvidia RTX 2080 TI FE
Ram: ADATA XPG DDR4 4X4 (16gb) 3000Mhz
PSU:Seasonic Snow Silent 750w Platinum (White)
Sleeved PSU Cables: Shakmods Premium sleeved cables.
SSD: Intel 520 series 240+480gb 2,5” ssd’s. Additionally Samsung 950 evo 256gb m.2
Fans: Aigo c5 120mm rgb fans
Chassis: Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic (White)

Pump: Barrow DDC pump&top, bykski DDC pump cover.
Reservoir/Distro: Barrow LL11 Q-SDB waterway channel
Cpu Block: Bykski LGA 115x cpublock (white).
Gpu Block: Barrow RTX 2080 Ti Gpu block
Rigid fittings: Barrow 10x14mm rigid compression fittings
Hard tubes: Barrow 10x14mm PETG 500mm rigid tubes
Radiators: 2x 240mm x 27,5mm fullcopper radiators

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