Case Mod Friday: LUMO

Project Name: LUMO


About this mod / project:
This mod takes the In Win D-Frame Mini to a whole new level and there is so much detail and customization on this case its crazy! Here is that builder B NEGATIVE said about it, “After the S3, which is far too large for a LAN box like originally planned, I wanted a smaller footprint and something a bit more aesthetically pleasing,so, after seeing this gorgeous case at Computex, I made some inquiries at In Win and here is the result!”


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• ASUS Z97 Gryphon
• Intel i7-4970K
• 16GB Crucial Ballistix Elite
• 2x GTX 680’s
• Corsair 120 and 240 Force GT SSD
• WD Green 1TB HDD
• Be Quiet! Dark Power 850W
• In Win D-Frame Mini

• MIPS ICEFORCE HF Liquid Cooling CPU Block
• Watercool HEATKILLER GPU-X3 (x2)
• EK DDC Pump
• Aquacomputer Aquaero 6 Pro controller
• EK-CoolStream PE 240 (x2)
• EK Adapter fittings

Custom Mods
• Custom painting on case frame
• Custom acrylic motherboard tray with resvoir and SSD mounts
• Modders mesh added to PSU mount
• Custom painting and logos on SSDs
• Custom design and logos on the Grypon Z97 motherboard “armor”
• Inside of fans painted
• Custom accents on the RAM
• Custom accents on the pump
• Custom paint on fittings
• Custom “Marbeling” design on motherboard tray and radiators
• Custom PSU sleeving

Build Log:


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