Case Mod Friday: Project Alternate

Project Name: Project Alternate

Case Mod Friday: Project Alternate

About this mod / project:
After what feels like a very long year I have decided to start work on my new desk build. The idea for this desk came to me when i was working on my last desk & at one point I almost started the project again, but I’m glad i didn’t. Most people liked the desk & I learned a great deal during the build. The Project Alternate design slightly changed month by month & I will show some of the other plans & explain why the changes was made. This time I’m hoping to outdo my last desk & hopefully help others in the process. The desk work is about to start, using mostly MDF, Perspex, clay, metal & glass I plan to build the desk in 3 parts, starting from the bottom, then middle followed by the top section. The tricky parts will be the sharp corners & angles on the edges.


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CPU – i7-5820k
MB – ASUS Sabertooth X99
RAM – 32GB Avexir Blitz 1.1 (DDR4)
GPU – ASUS R9-295×2
PSU – Cooler Master: V1200 Platinum
Desk fans – Cooler Master: Jet flow 120’s (red)

– Custom made desk
– Speakers mounted in the desk
– Custom-made cooling vents
– Custom accents added to motherboard cover
– Custom-made front panel switch interface
– Custom glass top
– Custom paint job on the desk
– Custom-made radiator covers
– Custom-made hard tubing
– Custom watercooling loop
– Custom-made hard drive racks

Build Log: bit-tech Forums

Builder: Mega-Deblow

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