Case Mod Friday: Project CLUNK

Project Name: Project CLUNK


About this mod / project:
Toward the end of last year, (somewhere around November I believe?) I was handed what was left of this case by Hank @ PPCs as it came in on a shipment of RMA cases from misc. retailers in the US on behalf of Bitfenix, and my initial reaction was to turn my nose up at it due to the low-tier case and horrid condition it was in with the stock front fascia busted completely off and pieces hanging left and right from it, dented panels, etc. But the more I looked at the case, the more I felt compelled to just destroy it. And that’s not meant in a negative manner either, although I didn’t really like the case to begin with due to the thin materials and low cost, but what really caught my eye was the inverted-ATX layout versus size. It’s no big secret that I’m a fan of the inverted-ATX layout. I love it for watercooling!

I had promised my friend Duke (whose favorite color is GREEN) that I would build him something sometime for him to transplant his *namebrand MATX AMD system* (cough cough) into a “better enclosure”, and figured this was a perfect opportunity to do so. My initial idea was to build something kind of post-apocalyptic (due to working on BIO-A10 at the time) or something and it quickly moved to putting it loosely in the Mad Max arena, hence the name. It’s just a name borrowed from a character from Mad Max, but nothing to do with the character. It just clicked in place and fit the idea perfectly. It’s my take on the idea of it being a part of the gangs that the MFP tends to run down in those flicks — or at least try to. So it’s an anti-MFP build!


CLUNK_final_01 CLUNK_final_02 CLUNK_final_03 CLUNK_final_04 CLUNK_final_05 CLUNK_final_06 CLUNK_final_07 CLUNK_final_08 CLUNK_final_09 CLUNK_final_10 CLUNK_final_11 CLUNK_final_12 CLUNK_final_13 CLUNK_final_14 CLUNK_final_15 CLUNK_final_16 CLUNK_final_17 CLUNK_final_18 CLUNK_final_19 CLUNK_final_20 CLUNK_final_21 CLUNK_final_22 CLUNK_final_23 CLUNK_final_24 CLUNK_final_25 CLUNK_final_26 CLUNK_final_27 CLUNK_final_28 CLUNK_final_29 CLUNK_final_30 CLUNK_final_31 CLUNK_final_32 CLUNK_final_33 CLUNK_final_34 CLUNK_final_35 CLUNK_final_36 CLUNK_final_37 CLUNK_final_38 CLUNK_final_39 CLUNK_final_40 CLUNK_final_41 CLUNK_final_42 CLUNK_final_43 CLUNK_final_44 CLUNK_final_45 CLUNK_final_46 CLUNK_final_47 CLUNK_final_48 CLUNK_final_49 CLUNK_final_50

– CPU: AMD A8-6600K
– RAM: 16GB G.SKILL Sniper DDR3-2133
– MOTHERBOARD: ASRock FM2A88M Extreme4+
– PSU: Corsair HX620
– VGA: ATi Radeon HD 4850
– Case: BitFenix Outlaw

– Hardware Labs Black Ice Pro radiator
– EK-Supreme CPU waterblock
– EK GPU block
– Swiftech MCP35X
– EK reservoir
– Sunbeam rheobus fan controller

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Builder: E.E.L. Ambiense

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