Case Mod Friday: Project JARVIS

Project Name: Project JARVIS

Builder: Deblow PC Builds & MODs

About This Mod / Build: This week for Case Mod Friday we have the Project JARVIS build from Deblow! It is his take on the style of gantry that Tony Stark uses in the IronMan movies to suit up and is definitely one of the most interesting builds we’ve seen lately!


GPU – Nvidia RTX 2080 Founders
Sound – Creative Labs Sound Blaster AE-9
RAM – Thermaltake’s WaterRam RGB. 3200MHz 32GB (4x8GB)
Case- Thermaltake lv20
PSU – Thermatake Toughpower PF1 ARGB
Fans – Thermaltake, Riing Trio, Duo.
RGB lighting – Thermaltake RGB strips
Other lighting – ELwire&
Filament 3D printing – Steadytech PLA (
Storage – ADATA SX8200 M.2 & SX950U SSD

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