Slot machine sounds influence you a lot!

If you enjoy playing on slots online every now and then, you might not think too much about the sounds of the game. Unless it is a slot with a music theme that you enjoy, you let the sound effects pass through one ear to the other. Or so you think…

We prefer winning sounds

It makes sense that we prefer winning sounds over losing ones. Imagine that you would start up an online slot machine and hear crying angry screams for each round. Even if you were winning money, it wouldn’t feel too sweet.

But slots on online casinos don’t come with desperate cries for better luck. They are programmed with sound effects that remind us of money pouring into baskets or just happy lucky moments. And there are studies that show that players prefer to play on slots with winning sounds.

Sounds on games influence mind and body

But it is not only our mind that reacts to the sound effects on the slot machine. Our bodies are also affected. The heart can start to beat faster when you have exciting music playing or a drum roll kicking up as you wait for symbols to line up and show you the result.

You can experience sweating, nervous movements and other bodily reactions to the games simply because the music gets you going. Music slots might even have you get up and move your body because you enjoy the tunes. If no one is looking, you could get very physical during slots rounds and often it is the sounds that stimulate the behavior.

You think you win more

Another thing that you should be aware of is that the sounds on slots for your computer and mobile are made to make you think you are winning more than what you are. When each round ends with winning sounds, you get the feeling of winning. This is true even when the round did not yield one cent!

You could make an experiment and simply turn off the sound on the slot next time you bet on an online casino. Not only will you find the game less attractive, you will not get the same sense of winning. The money sounds are gone together with the lucky tingling feeling.

Is it good or bad?

Understanding the influence of sound effects on you is smart. But you don’t have to feel terrified just because they make you feel like a winner when in fact you lost. If you become better aware of the influence of sound effects, you could even start choosing the games based on the sounds!

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