Choosing a Bathtub of Your Dream

A good bathtub is capable of bringing the comfort of your lodging to a different level. It is especially true if your bath is a luxury whirlpool tub that comes with a bubble massage function and pre-installed LED lights to set up the mood for the rest of the day. Choosing a perfect bathtub requires the utmost attention to details, along with a throughout research of the market, since there are numerous options available. So, what should you consider while choosing a bath to suit all your needs?

Let the Professionals Do the Job!

First of all, you should keep in mind that a bathtub is not a thing that you would replace in the nearest years. A good tub can serve you well for decades, and you will put minimum efforts to maintain its condition. Aquatica knows exactly what a perfect tub is and how to make it a truly special thing for you. By saying special, we really mean it; the company’s HydroRelax and HydroRelax Pro series are more pieces of art than regular bathtubs. They come with genuinely designed glass keyboards and wireless keypads to make sure you enjoy the process without the need to interrupt lying in the water to regulate the temperature or changing the music. Regarding music, there is an integrated subwoofer for truly deep sound. And all of these aspects are not even the best benefits since the air bubbles massage is the main advantage. Various modes and speeds of massage are there to ensure that you are getting the best out of your new tub.

A Freestanding Bath that You Deserve

Do you remember all those scenes from movies showing luxurious apartments with a never-changing freestanding bath tub in the middle of the room? Ever found yourself thinking how well such a bath would fit into your room? Make sure to fulfill that dream with Aquatica’s freestanding tubs! Made of composite materials of unprecedented quality, the company’s baths are designed to ensure maximum comfort for customers.

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