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Project Name: Screaming Eagle

screaming eagle

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Tribute to the 101st Screaming Eagles brigades auction custom MOD/Build to benefit disabled vets through PCs4VETS charity. Inspiration for this creation is VALOR in battle honoring the courage, merit and gallantry of our soldiers. The primary scheme is the Medal Of Honor. The GOLD and the Blue will be seen throughout but Bronze and Silver Stars will also be represented. Built on a Cooler Master Cosmos II case, with a ton of custom mods and additions.

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CASE: Cooler Master Cosmos II
MOTHERBOARD: ECS Golden Board Z77H2-A2X Black Extreme
CPU: INTEL I5-3550 LGA1155
RAM: Kingston 16GB Quad Channel DDR3 – 1866Mhz Memory
GPU: ECS Black Series GTX 680 (the only one in the world, they decided not to market the card)
PSU: ECOMASTER ENERMAX sponsored a LEPA G1000 Power Supply
SSD: Intel SSD 320 Series 160Gb, Corsair Force GT 240Gb
DVD: Compaq Presario CQ50 SATA Laptop CD-RW DVD-RW DL Lightscibe Multi Burner Drive AD-7561S
USB ADD-ON: NZXT IU01 Internal USB Expansion Board

CPU: Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme Closed Loop
GPU: Dual fans on Card Shroud
MEMORY: Kingston HyperX KHX-FAN-B Cooling Fans
FANS: 4x Ecomaster LEPA Blue Chopper fans, 4x Prolima Tech Blue LED 140mm and 120mm 1x Coolermaster 200mm case fan
FANS: Scythe SY1212SL12H Slip Stream Slim (Under radiator push side fans fix)
CABLES: Corsair Professional Series Black Sleeved extension cables (I may sleeve some of the cables)

CUSTOM: Blue Hexis Di-Noc
CUSTOM: 3M 3D Effect Carbon Fiber Di-Noc
CUSTOM DECAL: Lethal Threat Rip and Tear Eagle with Flag see thru
CUSTOM EMBLEM: Replica U.S. Army Medal Of Honor
CUSTOM EMBLEM: Silver Star Tribute Coin
CUSTOM TRIM: Gold Automotive molding

LIGHTING: NZXT LED Light Cable, 2x LOGISYS 12″ Blue Cathodes, 2x LOGISYS 4″ Blue Cathodes
KEYBOARD: AZIO Levetron Mech 5 Mechanical
MOUSE: AZIO Levetron GM533U Gaming Mouse
SOUND: Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Computer Speaker system

~ Painted everything but the doors.
~ Cut symetrical vents in opposite door panel
~ Swapped Doors from side to side
~ Re-hinged the door hinge mountings
~ Re-configured the rear door latches
~ Cut a section of the vents from another door and mounted 4 new vents, mesh and inner door panels
~ Mounted and lit 3/4 inch of Acrylic in the upper bay area to for light effect and slot drive illumination
~ Mounted a thin CD/DVD/BluRay writer/reader in stealth in the upper bay area
~ Created a panel coer for the Bay area with Shredding Screaming Eagle
~ Re-Created the front grill
~ Di-Noc’d the front door and upper case framing
~ Created inner panel covers for bay areas, Psu cover and GPU Cover with Acrylic and 3D effect Di-Noc
~ Di-Noc’d the inside lower with 3D effect
~ Sleeved the Closed loop Tubing with oversize UV tubing
~ Added the Medal Of Honor replica to the upper door cover
~ Added a Silver Star Tribute Coin to the front Door cover
~ Pianted the Slot vent areas gold
~ In Tribute mode the MOBO area is decorated with Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Dog tags, Combat Infantry mans Badge and more…
~ Shredding Eagle Decal on the CPU block
~ Created a Acrylc VGA Flow panel with counter sunk slot holes, extened the slot screws with 6/32 3/8″ standoffs
~ Modified the CPU block screws, Memory Cooler screws and the slot screws all the have hollow gold thumb screws
~ Edited, improved and printed the VGA panel logos
~ Pin Striped the VGA Panel
~ Used auto trim molding around the front and top edges
~ Back lit the upper bay acrylic with red LEDS
~ Painted the Memory Cooling fans gold
~ FIt the upper radiator above the memory using thin scythe fans
~ Sleeved all cables

Builder: Al Shuryan
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