Case Mod Friday: Snef’s Bloody Angel

Project Name: Bloody Angel


About this mod / project:
Snef went ahead and disassembled his “Sand of God” build and wanted something with a little more muscle. He really liked the Caselabs Mercury S5, but he felt like the horizontal board was not for him. He said that he wanted a real “Tower of Power” while looking at the Phanteks Enthoo Primo he stumbled upon the Caselabs SMA8. Usually he tries to use a unique or special color combination, but this time he wanted to keep it simple.


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Case and accessories
• CaseLabs Magnum SMA8 White
• CaseLabs 120.2 Flex-Bay Rad Mount
• XXL Clear windows
• 480 rad mount on top and bottom
• Case Feets by Fannblade

• Asus X99-Deluxe
• Intel i7-5930k
• 16GB (4x4gb) DDR4 Crucial 2400mhz
• Asus Xonar Phoebus sound card
• Silverstone Strider 1500w PSU
• Galaxy GTX 780 HOF (3x) (waiting for Ti version)
• OCZ Vertex 4 256GB SSD (2x)
• OCZ Agility 3 240GB SSD (2x)
• WD Green 3TB HDD (2x)

• Bitfenix Spectre Pro BFF-LPRO-12025R-RP 120MM Red LED (16x)
• Darkside 480 Radiator (2x)
• Darkside 240 Radiator
• Darkside D5 Vario Pump (2x)
• EK-D5 X-TOP CSQ – WHITE Acetal (2x)
• EK-Multioption X3 250 with white acetal ends (2x)
• EK-UNI Holder D5 (2x)
• Bitspower White Crystal Links with a lots of extenders, adapters and 90 degrees
• EK-HD Tube 10/12mm 500mm – 2 pack (13x)
• EK Supremacy CPU Waterblock – Plexi-Nickel CSQ (polish)
• EK-RAM Dominator (CSQ) Waterblock – Plexi Nickel (polish)
• EK-FB KIT ASUS M6F – Nickel
• EK-FC780 GTX HOF – White Acetal+Nickel (2x)
• ColdZero Custom GTX 780 HOF backplate
• ColdZero Custom Xonar Phoebus backplate
• Ek Water Blocks Fluid Blood Red 1000ml (4x)
• Aquacomputer Aquaero 5 XT USB Fan-Controller
• Aquacomputer Ultra Poweradjust (3x)
• Aquacomputer Black Faceplate 5.25 Mount Tray for Poweradjust 2
• Aquacomputer Flow sensor mps flow 400, G1/4 (2x)

Sleeving, Cable and lightning
• Darkside Red
• Darkside White
• Darkside Fan spliter
• Darkside Led strips
• Darkside 12″ ( 30cm ) Dimmable Rigid LED Strip V2
• and a lot of custom cables

• Painting ram
• Painting Waterblock
• Painting radiator
• Painting Pump mount

Build Log:

Builder: Snef Computer Design

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