CaseLabs is Back and Under New Management

For those not familiar, CaseLabs was more or less the choice for high-end enthusiasts when it came to cases. Unfortunately the company went out of business in 2018, which was a big blow to the enthusiast community. Well, it appears that the company is back in business and under new management. About a year ago we reported on the new owner, Emil Rytterstedt releasing a survey to get a better insight into the brands legacy and just how valuable it was to consumers. It looks like he’s made some progress as the CaseLabs website is back up, but the company is not selling any products just yet.


Based on what we see on the website, CaseLabs will initially offer spare parts for existing products, as well as offer support and customer service. This will be followed up by at least some of the cases that CaseLabs used to offer, with of course some upgrades in the form of I/O options and some other additions like vertical GPU brackets.

The long term plan will be to offer new products under the CaseLabs brand, which is going to start with a smaller form factor case. The new owner has moved the company to Sweden, where all of the products will be made. The brand is expected to remain in the premium price segment, and for those in the US, expect prices to be even more expensive than in the past due to shipping costs. Things are expected to really kick off sometime in early 2023.

Via CaseLabs

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