Is CaseLabs Making a Comeback?

CaseLabs, if you didn’t know was a high-end computer case manufacturer that made some of the best PC cases out there, especially for watercooling builds. The thing that made CaseLabs unique was that their cases were made entirely of Aluminum. Back in 2018 CaseLabs announced that it was shutting down permanently, citing Trump tariffs cutting into margins by “raising prices by almost 80%”, and the “default of a large account”.

CaseLabs Logo

Apparently there is a new owner of CaseLabs, who has posted an online survey to get a better insight into the brands legacy and just how valuable it was to consumers. According to Gamers Nexus the new owner of CaseLabs is Emil Rytterstedt, who said to them “The immediate plan is to bring the original line-up back into production, which will not be an easy task. The parts will be in a flat, unfolded, state and there is no instructions for how to fold the parts so me and my manufacturers […] will have to work out how to fold each individual part.”

I guess the survey is the first step in that process.

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