Oculus Quest Headsets Will Not Require a Facebook Account From Next Year

It has been recently announced by Mark Zuckerberg during the companies connect 2021 AR/VR event that Facebook is being rebranded to Meta.

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Reportedly, the need for Facebook accounts to use the AR headsets is also being removed by introducing a significant change which will include the dissolution of the Oculus brand for hardware naming. The need for this change has arisen due to negative overtones regarding the Facebook brand as well as to facilitate users who do not want to create a Facebook account.

This change will take some time to come about in fact full implementation is expected no sooner than 2022. However, it has been reported by some users that Facebook accounts can be unlinked by Oculus support immediately while the purchases and most non-social features on the headset are rretaine.


Andrew BosworthAs

“we’ve focused more on work, and as we’ve heard feedback from the VR community more broadly, we’re working on new ways to log into Quest that won’t require a Facebook account, landing sometime next year. This is one of our highest priority areas of work internally.”


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