Intel Confirms DG2 GPU With 448 Execution Units Is Indeed A Reality

A cut-down flagship DG2 GPU from the Intel Arc Alchemist series might be announced soon. The news has just been confirmed by Intel.

Intel actually does have cut-down flagship silicon named DG2-448 as reported by a recent commit to Mesa. A similar model was used to assess pixel pipeline optimizations introduced to the driver. Franciso Jerez, a part of Intel’s Open-Source Driver Team published the patch with a description.

Intel DG2 448 1

We have heard rumors about this cut-down DG2-512 GPU before. Almost 5 months back, it was initially found out by @TUM_APISA. At that time the @TUM_APISA did not reveal what kind of criterion was used for comparison but reportedly, it offered almost GeForce RTX 3070 performance.

However, the announcement of the Arc Alchemist lineup is expected at the start of 2022. A lot of questions have been put forward about it. Intel has only presented two GPUs: 512EU and 128EU variants. 384EU a third variant is yet to be seen.

Intel DG2 GPUs 1

Nothing about the rumored 384EU variant is confirmed yet. It is expected that Intel will certainly try to sell lower-end models. The upper mid-range DG2 GPU with 448 Execution Units might be an ideal fit for a 400-300 USD price segment.

Via Mesa