Intel Core i9-12900K Overclocked To 8GHz By HiCookie

HiCookie breaks the 8GHz barrier with Intel Alder Lake CPU. It has been successful in accomplishing something that was impossible with the previous Intel Core series, which is 8GHz clock speed.

Previously the highest speeds achieved with Core i9-10900K and Core i9-11900K CPUs were 7707 MHz and 7334 MHz respectively.

HICOOKIE 12900K 8GHZ DDR4 8300 2

While Intel was preparing to launch its new CPU, overclockers were busy behind the scenes trying to put Alder Lake under liquid nitrogen. It has been reported that HiCookie has managed to break a new record with a Core i9-12900K at 8GHz, a frequency that has not even been achieved with the old series.

Similarly, in a distinct overclocking attempt, HiCookie achieved 8.3 GT/s (4198.8 MHz) speed with Gigabyte DDR5 memory. To accomplish this achievement, HiCookie put 52-52-52-100-127-2 timings on the memory. They have utilized the AORUS Z690 Tachyon motherboard to accomplish both records.

Intel Core i9 12900K 8GHZ

The screenshots featuring this achievement were published a bit early, to say the least, AORUS Spain published the screenshots. After the Intel 12th Gen Core series big release, we are expecting to see many more world records.