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Top 5 iPhone 5 Alternatives For 2013

The dominance of the iPhone is waning. Apple's stock prices are gradually dropping and more consumers are switching out their iPhones for more sophisticated and modern choices. As the prestige of owning an iPhone wears off, people are looking for new companies and innovations to help them decide on what smartphone to buy. Following is a list of the top 5 alternatives to the iPhone 5, ranging from phones with more power to phones designed from the ground up for the business person.

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The Best Gaming Keyboard of 2012

During the year if you’ve read the reviews I’ve submitted you’d know that I have a tendency to compare ‘this keyboard’ to ‘that keyboard’ but what would happen if I compared all the keyboards I reviewed in the past year and picked one to conquer all; A straight up prize fight based on all the categories that matter to you, the consumer. This is the first Keyboard of the Year Award ThinkComputers will ever hand out, so who will reign supreme? Let’s take a look!

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The Best Cases of 2012

One of my most common questions I get when one of my friends is building a new computer is, “What case should I get?”.  Your case is a very important part of your system.  It is what you are going to see each time you sit down at your desk, the first thing someone is going to see at a LAN party and the case you are going to have to deal with when you decide to upgrade your system.  This past year we have reviewed a lot of <a href="">great cases</a>, but a few really stick out from the rest.  Our list of the best cases of 2012 are drawn from only the cases we have reviewed this year.  So if you think an awesome case is off the list that may be why.  Read on to check out what we consider the best cases of 2012!

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ThinkComputers Holiday 2011 Staff Wish List

Well it is that time of year again, Christmas!  Each year we always tell our loved ones what we would like for Christmas, but we do not always get it.  The staff here at ThinkComputers has compiled a list of products they would like for Christmas.  Even though we review awesome products all year there are still a few things that we want so read on to check out the staff wish list for 2011!

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ThinkComputers Staff Holiday 2009 Wish List

Here at ThinkComputers we get to take a look at a lot of cool gear, a lot of which we get to keep, but there are always things that we would like to have. Each staff member has comprised a list of products they would like to receive this year for Christmas. Some of these items are what you might expect, but others are totally off the wall! Read on to see what the ThinkComputers staff wants for Christmas…

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ThinkComputers Holiday 2009 Stocking Stuffer Buyers Guide

Well it is that time of year again! The holiday season means tons of buying gifts for family and friends. Sometimes it is hard to find the right gift for someone, so we have compiled a list of great tech-related stocking stuffers for you. Some of these items are very inexpensive and others will break your bank, but they are small items that will fit perfectly inside of holiday stocking, so let's take a look at what we picked out this year.

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2008 Budget Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season is different from many that we have seen in the past. The main reason for that is because the economy is horrible right now. Most people are spending less than they ever have before on holiday gifts this year. Things are so bad that most stores do not even have those amazing deals that we are used to seeing this time of year. If you look at Black Friday's deals none were really earth-shattering. So with that said here are some things you can get for that computer enthusiast or yourself on the cheap.

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