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The Holiday’s have just passed and I know many of you are traveling. We get asked all of the time, “What is in your bag?”, or “What tech do you travel with?”. Well since we are heading to CES next week we thought we would put together a big Ultimate Travel Tech article going over all of the tech we travel with! Let’s get started!

So to start off with the bag I am using, it is the ECBC Lance Executive Daypack. The reason I like that backpack is that it is not overly large so I can fit it under the seat in front of me when flying. One of the best features is ECBC’s FastPass System, which allows you not have to take your laptop or tablet out when going through TSA. You can fit laptops up to 16.5-inches inside and there is a padded tablet compartment as well. The bag is very comfortable and ECBC uses YKK Self-Repairing zippers so you know all of your gear inside is going to be safe.

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My laptop or daily driver is the Lenovo Yoga 920, which is a 14-inch laptop. It is extremely thin and light, but is powerful enough with its Core i7 processor, 8GB of DDR4, and PCI-Express SSD, for video and photo editing. One of the coolest features is the ability to completely flip the screen around and use it as a tablet, this is made possible by the unique watch band hinge. Another great feature of this laptop is the two Thunderbolt 3 USB Type-C ports, which allow me to connect super-fast storage and an external display if I want.

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In the top easy access compartment I have my smartphone, which is my recently purchased iPhone X. This was an upgrade from my iPhone 6s and I am definitely enjoying the speed performance, but the camera is also pretty amazing too. Protecting my phone is the X-Doria Defense Clear case, it has triple layer shock protection, but is not overly-large like many other cases out there.

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Also in the top compartment I have my wireless earbuds, which come in a nice travel case. These are the 808 Audio EarCanz TRU, and they are truly wireless earbubs with no strings at all. The have good sound, are water resistant, and most importantly they stay in my ears quite well, which makes them perfect to use when working out.

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In the tablet compartment I actually have a really cool product that organizes all of my cables. It is the cocoon GRID-IT! And basically it allows you to have all of your cables in one place and it makes sure they are not a tangled mess. The worst thing is trying to find a certain cable through a mess of cables! I have multiple USB cables on there, a few lightning cables, and some iPhone adapters.

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Another thing that I always carry with me is me SD card organizer. The one I have is from Lowepro, but you can find a ton of different ones on Amazon. If you are working with multiple SD cards I would highly recommend picking one of these up.

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In a nice hard-shell traveling case I have my over-ear noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones. I picked these up on a suggestion from a friend and I actually really like them. Everyone knows you need noise-canceling headphones on a flight! They are the BÖHM B66es, and they have a smaller profile than many noise-canceling headphones out there, but don’t let that fool you, the sound quality and active noise-canceling is quite impressive, especially for the price, these can be found for under $100 online. On top of that this headset looks gorgeous with its aluminum construction.

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I do have to travel with a mouse, it is definitely needed when editing video. My old faithful mouse is the Corsair M65 Pro. I like having a full size mouse and this mouse has a great design and feel to it as well as a 12000 DPI optical sensor with surface calibration support.

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A Bluetooth speaker is a must for me, I am one of those listen to music in the shower type of people and the speakers on my iPhone just won’t cut it. The Bluetooth speaker that always comes with me is the Divoom Voombox Travel, I really like it because of its size, but the sound quality is really good too, it is more than powerful enough for the shower or small room. On top of that it has a rugged design and is weather resistant so it can take some punishment.

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I do carry a card reader with me. For some reason many new laptops don’t have them anymore so I always have one handy. The one I have is from Kingston and is USB 3.0 so I get super-fast transfer speeds.

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I also have a stand for my phone, the one I have is the MPOD Mini from Joby. It is a great little accessory to have to prop your phone up to get that perfect selfie, timelapse, or to watch a video, especially if you are on on airplane.

Portable SSDs are a must if you are editing 4K video. The ones I always use are from Samsung. I’ve had the T3 for about a year and I just got the brand new T5. Both drives are super fast and their small size makes them easy to travel with. Plus the both drives offer hardware encryption so you know your files are going to be safe.

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I keep my keys on the hook that is inside one of the mesh compartments. On my keys I have a Tile Sport. If you don’t know what Tile is, helps you find your keys, wallet, phone or whatever you have your Tile connected to. Say you misplace your keys you can Ring the Tile and it will make an audible sound. You can also press the button on the tile and it will ring your phone. The app will also show you the last known location of your tile on a map, which can be really helpful. The Sport version has the longest range in the series, is waterproof, and is 2x louder than normal Tile units.

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I carry a pair of backup wired earbuds just in case for some reason my bluetooth headphones aren’t charged. The ones I’ve been using for a while now are the Tesoro In-Ear Pro’s. They have good sound, a tangle-free cabling, and metal design. Another plus us that they come in a nice carrying case.

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The last thing you’ll find in my backpack are portable power banks, I actually carry four with me. You can never have enough backup power! This really ensures that I am never without power for my phone, bluetooth headphones, and even my laptop since it uses a USB Type-C connection for power.

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