PXN V9 RACING WHEEL Racing Wheel-Review

The PC racing wheel has brought a revolutionary change in racing games like the Euro Truck Simulator, Asphalt, Forza, and more. These setups are connected to compatible devices to experience a virtual, real-life driving experience. PXN V9 RACING WHEEL is a beginner’s steering wheel for PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS3, and Nintendo Switch. It comes with a wheel, shifter, and pedals, which seems like a pretty good deal to me. I got V9 for the Euro Truck Simulator and have been experiencing the closest thing to life-like driving.

Let’s see how the V9 racing game wheel has been working out, along with what I like the most about it and what improvements could have been made.


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What’s in the box?

  • Racing wheel
  • Shifter
  • Pedals: clutch, brake, accelerator
  • User Manual
  • Wheel Clamps
  • Extra suction cups



  • Compatibility: Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch.
  • Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Smart apps: PXN Play or V9 Tool
  • Connectivity: Universal USB
  • Degrees of rotation: 270° and 900°
  • Weight: 32 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16 x 14.25 x 12 inches

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PXN V9 RACING WHEEL comes in a sturdy box with a handle on the top for carrying. With grey and orange packaging, it gives a very hard-core first impression. On the front is the name of the product, along with its model and image. On the other hand, the components of the box and specifications are listed on the side to give a fair view of the product. On the back, you will see an overview image of the whole set with labeled buttons and controls for the pedals, shifter, and wheel.

When I opened the box, every component is neatly packed in separate boxes, along with a steering wheel wrapped in a plastic bag. There are extra suction cups in the box that can replace if needed for the wheel.



“PXN V9 Tool” App.

A smartphone application is necessary to make full use of the PXN V9 RACING WHEEL Racing Wheel. While there are several shortcuts for button programming and sensitivity adjustments on the wheel itself, using the PXN “v9 Tools” app makes the process considerably easier and less time-consuming.

The app or Bluetooth connection to the wheel is straightforward, and the wheel can produce a large number of presets for games as soon as it is switched on. Angle, sensitivity, and vibration adjustments may all be made on the fly using the user interface. A few existing settings are available for testing, but I found that I need to make a few adjustments to the ones I tested in order for them to function effectively for ETS 2. Furthermore, there’s an input-testing website where can see real-time wheel input and debug any issues that arise.


One of the most impressive aspects of the PXN V9 RACING WHEEL is the variety of compatibility options available. It is compatible with all of the current console generations, including the Nintendo Switch, as well as with the PC and other devices. When I attach the wheel configuration with my system, it is linked in the same way that any other controller is connected. Connect the USB ports to the USB ports on the console, then press the center console button to activate the console.



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On the face of the wheel, the traditional gaming pad arrangement is present, with the four cardinal buttons on the right, a D-pad on the left for navigating menus, and L and R trigger on the sides. The function bar extends the whole length of the steering wheel, and a red LED light shows that the controller has been successfully connected to the vehicle’s computer system. There are an additional six buttons across the top of the face that may be programmed with macros, albeit they are ineffective if you’re using a console to play the game.

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The dual-feedback motors provide traction and resistance to the wheel for a more authentic experience. The V9 features vibrate for a more authentic experience. The racing wheel has a genuine “competition” design with traction and resistance that simulates the sensation of friction while rotating a vehicle wheel.

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A USB-A cable is inserted into the back of the wheel in order to connect it to the computer. Right next to it, there’s an auxiliary connector for attaching headphones, as well as RJ-11 and RJ-12 phone jack connectors for connecting the shifter and pedals. If you want to use a wired gaming controller, a USB-A connection is also available for you to connect to.

Gameplay Experience

This means that you can entirely spin the steering wheel twice, replicating the movement of a true car steering wheel. The steering wheel has a turning radius of 900 degrees, which means it can be completely spun twice. You may switch from 270-degree turning to 900-degree  turning by switching a switch if that seems more natural. The steering function on these controllers serves the objective of making driving simulations as realistic as possible, which is exactly what they are designed to do. The V9 features a few additional steering options and is a little more versatile than its PXN V3II counterpart.


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The pedals are of the traditional design. The accelerator is on the right, with an additional clutch on the left and a brake in the middle. In addition, they have a smooth ABS plastic surface with a nice sheen to them, and they complement the wheel arrangement nicely. While seated, the pedals are easier to use since their bases are slightly angled so that they face you when pressed down. Due to the fact that they are not adjustable, you may need to experiment with pedal positions before finding a suitable configuration for yourself.

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There is an RJ-11 connection at the back of the pedal base to connect to the main steering wheel, that’s all there is to it. I love the “plug and play” experience when it comes to connectivity.

Gameplay Experience

euro truck simulator 2 800x500 new 4
Traction is provided by little rubber rings on the bottom of each pedal. The pedals are very good at providing resistance. When I first press the accelerator, it is softer and simpler to push, but as I press it more, I feel the greater resistance. When I hit the brake pedal, it feels like I was pressing an actual brake pedal, which is exactly how it should feel for racing games.

While playing Euro Truck Simulator 2, all three pedals, including the brake, need the same amount of effort to be pushed down. According to what I think, this drastically diminishes the sense and reality of them while also making it more difficult to adjust to and maintain consistency.


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The shifter has a pleasing visual look as well as a realistic feel to it. It’s a six-plus-one shifter with a pleather base that hides the hinge mechanism from view when not in use. The top of the vehicle has two rocker switches for low and high gears, as well as a handbrake. The joystick-type shifter is a six-in-one H pattern gearbox that enables quick and smooth gear changes while on the road without the need for a dedicated controller.

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It connects to the main wheel unit through an RJ-12, standard phone jack connection, which is similar to the one found on the pedals. It is as simple as need to plug in and play.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the V9 racing wheel is a decent racing wheel for beginners at such a price. Its purpose is to replicate the experience of holding a real steering wheel, and it does so extremely well. With a beautiful black ABS plastic finish and powerful haptic feedback mechanisms that imitate friction and drag in real-world driving, it is a stunning piece of technology. As well as a clutch pedal to further enhance immersion, there is also a linear pedal system that delivers actual resistance to the player. As a result of all of these traits, it is an excellent match for almost any racing game. Finally, if you don’t want to switch between controllers when playing games, you may use the gamepad on the wheel as a conventional controller instead of the wheel itself.