CES 2017 – ROCCAT Isku+ Force FX Gives More Control To Gamers

Keyboard keys have two states, pressed and not pressed. Usually this isn’t a problem because on a computer, it is exactly what you want. Although if you’re a gamer, a keyboard could really benefit from having more than two states. To solve this problem, ROCCAT has designed Force FX and integrated it into their new Isku+ Force FX keyboard.

Force FX effectively has four states, not pressed, a little pressed, half pressed, fully pressed. It is only available on QWEASD keys, but those are the keys where it is also most beneficial. Instead of having separate keys to crouch, walk and run. You can now do that all by how hard you press the ‘W’ key. ROCCAT accomplishes this by using a special chemical layer underneath the keys to ‘sense pressure’. Using a chemical layer underneath the keys instead of mechanical switches allows key travel to be one singular fluid motion, so normal computer operations like typing are not negatively impacted.


ROCCAT is going to be releasing two models of Isku+. Each model will be more fingerprint resistant than the original Isku. Breaking down the different SKUs, the first will have Force FX and will retail for the same price as Isku at $99. The second Isku+ model will ship without Force FX and be slightly discounted at $79. Each Isku+ model is expected to be available mid January 2017.

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