CES 2023: Thermaltake Shows Off New Cases and Fans

Day two of our CES 2023 coverage has begun, and our first meeting was with Thermaltake. We want to highlight a handful of their newest cases, as well as some new fans that will be hitting the market soon.

CTE C750 Air/TG

thermaltake ces 3

First up is the CTE C750, which is available in both Air and TG (Tempered Glass) versions. The Air features a front panel that emphasizes airflow, while the TG utilizes a tempered glass front panel for those looking for that aesthetic. Both versions of the CTE C750 utilize the CTE form factor to allow for improved cooling for the latest components.

Cooling options are quite impressive, with support for up to 14 fans, and up to 420mm radiators. Although it is still to be determined, this case may ship with some of Thermaltake’s new CT Series fans.

Pricing for the CTE C750 Air is expected to be $229, while the TG version will come in at $249.

CTE C700 Air/TG

thermaltake ces 6

If a case the size of the C750 is a little too big for you, the C700 might be more up your alley. Again, offered in both an Air and TG version, the C700 supports up to ten 140mm fans across the front, back, top, and bottom – three on the front and back, and two on the top and bottom.

The C700 Air and TG should be priced at $179 and $229 for an ARGB version.

CTE T500 Air/TG

thermaltake ces 7

If you are sensing a theme with regards to both Air and TG versions of cases from Thermaltake, you would be correct, and that continues on with the CTE T500. This case has a more tower-like design compared to the C750 and C700 cases, with a more traditional PSU mount at the bottom of the case.

The T700 Air is expected to be priced at $179, while the TG version will be $199.

Ceres 500 TG ARGB

thermaltake ces 2

Launching this week, the Ceres 500 TG ARGB case will be available in both black and snow colorways, and supports up to a 420mm radiator up front. We expect to see this case come with four CT fans, which is always a nice value add. Also included is a removeable support bar for GPUs, which will definitely help with the larger cards that continue to be released.

We should see both the black and snow versions of this case available for $169.

Tower 200

thermaltake ces 9

Available in April of 2023, the Tower 200 is the Micro ATX version of Thermaltake’s already popular Tower-series of cases. Not a lot of new information about this case that differentiates it from the previous Tower cases, and no pricing is available at this time.


thermaltake ces 11

Offered in both 120mm and 140mm versions, the SWAFAN EX line of fans offer RGB lighting and a magnetic, quick-connect design to make daisy-chaining and installation a simple process. A single cable will be able to provide power and lighting connectivity for up to three fans in a chain, which is the perfect number, considering that these fans will come in a three-pack.

Additionally, the fan blades of the SWAFAN EX can be swapped to support push/pull airflow without having to change fan orientation or losing any lighting functionality.

A three-pack of the 120mm fans will run $109, while three of the 140mm fans will come in at $119.