AMD Mocked Apple M1 Pro While Using 14 MacBook Pro With The Same Chip For Their CES Keynote

At CES 2023, AMD introduced its Ryzen 7000 mobile processor series for usage in a variety of laptop classes. The company also made a comparison between its high-end part, the Ryzen 9 7940HS, and Apple’s M1 Pro, claiming that its newest chip is 30 percent faster. During the company’s presentation, an astute observer noticed that employees were utilizing 14-inch MacBook Pros with either the M1 Pro or the M1 Max to display performance slides.


A large number of external production teams rely on MacBook Pros for certain presentations, which caught AMD off guard. Ian Zelbo of Twitter shared the amusing results of AMD’s CES 2023 presentation. He later noticed two additional Macs being utilized to demonstrate the performance slides for the Ryzen CPUs and compare numerous metrics to the M1 Pro.

Despite the fact that one could instinctively cast the finger at AMD, they are not to blame. Companies frequently hire third-party production teams to prepare for such an event, and these hired staffs are outfitted with high-end MacBook Pro models. The reason for having such items is straightforward as people will switch to a MacBook for reliable work that necessitates uninterrupted computer operation. For heavy activities, a MacBook Pro with an M1 Pro or M1 Max will be utilized due to its greater CPU and GPU core count.

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Since AMD has no control over the machines that the production teams will utilize during the actual presentation, several Twitter users were quick to point out that the business was not to blame for the mix-up. If AMD had employed a separate production team, it is possible that these individuals would have been provided with Windows-powered machines, probably with AMD CPUs. On the other hand, what if only one of those laptops suddenly stopped operating because of a BSOD or a random crash? Then again, AMD would be the focus of negative attention.