Choosing microphones for streaming is the key to the success of your broadcasts

Streaming is a trendy direction, the popularity of which is growing day by day. Most often, bloggers broadcast all kinds of games and studio records in real-time. You can indeed attract a wide audience just by interesting content of videos, but the only high quality will help you keep it.

A sophisticated viewer will not be surprised by a good picture if it is accompanied by a low-grade sound. So if you are planning to start streaming, you can’t do without good equipment. During the recording process, a good microphone for players performs an important role. The sound of your broadcast depends on its quality. And choosing it, you need to be guided not by the price, but by the characteristics.

A good microphone for streaming should have high sensitivity, a reliable noise reduction system, and a strong ergonomic case. Let’s consider the rating of the best microphones for streaming.

Budget models for a beginner streamer

It makes no sense for a novice streamer to immediately purchase expensive professional equipment. After all, you can not know for sure your needs and wishes for equipment without starting the process. In this situation, an inexpensive portable microphone will come to the rescue. It will help you learn the basics of the profession and find out all the nuances of recording broadcasts.

  1. Trust Micro USB

The leader among budget microphones in 2020. The desktop condenser model boasts a good neat assembly, a convenient stand with a stroke angle of 270°, and an adequate price. The device is made in a restrained design. But despite its modest appearance, it received very decent characteristics. The microphone has a sensitivity of 45 dB and a frequency range from 50 to 16000 Hz. In the budget class, these indicators look more than decent.

  1. SVEN MK-150

A good budget microphone from a world-famous brand. A cheap miniature device on a clip attaches to clothing, operating in the frequency range from 50 to 16000 Hz. At the same time, SVEN has a sensitivity of 58 dB and an impedance of 2.2 Ohms. The microphone weighs very little, so you will not even notice its presence during the stream. Moreover, you can fix the clip not only on clothes but also on the PC or table itself.

According to reviews, the model has good sensitivity. However, for this reason, it can capture extraneous noise. But if you learn how to use the microphone correctly, you won’t have any problems with it.

Premium models for studio streaming

No professional streamer can do without such equipment. And it’s no longer a question of saving money – a studio broadcast requires an exceptionally high-quality microphone with a wide range of features and impeccable sound. That’s exactly what we’ve come up with.


The legendary streamer model that became a bestseller in 2019. This microphone is known not only among streamers but also among ordinary people. BLUE YETI owes its popularity to its simple controls and fantastic sound quality. The metal case of the device is equipped with a headphone Jack and a removable USB cable. The condenser model has a frequency range from 20 to 20,000 Hz and a pressure of 120 dB.

Its main purpose is studio stereo recording, and BLUE YETI handles it perfectly. The microphone allows you to record two-stream participants at once, without covering background noise. All these characteristics make the popular BLUE YETI the best option for YouTubers, streamers, and more.

  1. Audio-Technica AT2020 USB+

Cool professional equipment at an adequate price. If you are looking for the best sound for a reasonable price, Audio-Technica is exactly what you need. This model allows you to not only to stream and make high-quality blog videos but even record vocals. The headset connects in a matter of minutes — you just need to insert the plug into the PC connector. The device works with all SOFTWARE and does not require additional drivers.

The microphone itself has a port for headphones. By enabling them, you can track the recording and make corrections. On the case, in addition to the volume control, there is a “mix” control, which makes it possible to find the optimal balance between incoming and own signals. According to customers, Audio-Technica is a perfect combination of minimalism, the highest quality, and wide possibilities.

Models for gamer’s streams

A cool gaming microphone is the dream of every gamer who records their streams. These devices allow you to convey to the audience a detailed scene of everything that is happening on the screen, adding high-quality dynamic sound.

  1. Razer Seiren X

This mic is an excellent addition to a streamer computer. The compact gaming microphone has all the necessary qualities to accompany a dynamic gaming process. The hinged base of the device allows you to easily change the tilt, achieving the best position to get the perfect sound. Additionally, the stand is equipped with a soft pad that absorbs a significant proportion of unnecessary vibrations.

Seiren X has a very narrow sound coverage area, which allows you to record speech almost flawlessly, without any noise in the background. At the same time, it is quite easy to manage and connect. The USB microphone itself has a start button and volume control. The long cable of the device is designed in a dense braid, which reduces the risk of breaking it to a minimum.

  1. Samson Meteor

An excellent solution for amateur recording and game streams. The metal case of the headset looks aesthetically pleasing and reliable. The construction itself can boast of unparalleled quality: unsurpassed chrome coating, rubberized anti-slip pads on the legs, steel mesh for noise filtration. Its correct performance range is between 20 and 20,000 Hz.

It is connected to the device via USB-connector. Additionally, there is a port for headphones. In the reviews, gamers especially emphasize the purity of the microphone sound, the quality of its recording, and portability. Samson Meteor easily handles the functions of an external sound card. And the compact device is quite inexpensive.

Choosing a microphone is just the case when the high cost does not mean superiority. To buy a high-quality device at an adequate price, you should carefully study its characteristics. Great experiments for recording your streams!