Choosing The Best Mouse Sensitivity

Mouse sensitivity is indicated to the distance moved by the pointer on the screen when one moves the mouse of a computer physically on the mouse pad. Technological innovation has reached the apex where computer has gained the position of the highest authority. Without the intervention of computers, it is not possible to map out all the desired outcomes. Scientific and technological innovation has improved the position of the modern world in terms of global expansion.

There are different kinds of genres have associated with computer gaming. Gaming has been regarded as one of the chief characteristics of computers for the young generation. Gaming has improved its structure and processes to provide gamers with a better experience while gaming. Mouse sensitivity is a factor behind working the mouse pointer for any specific purpose. When the mouse sensitivity remains higher the pointer moves fast and travels a long distance than moved by the mouse. If the sensitivity of the mouse remains slower the pointer moves slowly on the computer screen and cover less distance compared to other times speed. To fulfill the purpose of gaming lower mouse sensitivity is required with movement accuracy and better precision.

Importance of mouse sensitivity

Mouse sensitivity requires improving the accuracy, reaction timing, and confidence while playing a game. Every game does not require the same mouse sensitivity. The different game needs different kinds of mouse sensitivity. When the gamer sits to play a game, he has to adjust the mouse DPI for different games.


DPI indicates dots per inch or pixels per inch. DPI sets the way the cursor of a mouse can move. DPI denotes the movement of the cursor of the mouse in terms of per inch space. If 1500 DPI has been set for a mouse then it will signify the movement of the mouse cursor 1500 pixels. DPI determines the sensitivity of the movement of the mouse. The lower DPI refers to the low sensitivity of the mouse. If the gamer works with higher mouse sensitivity, then with a slight movement of the cursor the pointer can go through a long distance on the screen. The average mouse presently has a DPI of 1600 and gaming mice tend to have 4000 DPI or more than that. DPI is just opposed to the traditional mouse sensitivity setting. Sensitivity denotes the software setting of a mouse. A low-quality mouse with high sensitivity only can make the movement of the mouse rough and inaccurate. Conversely, if this mouse sensitivity has been paired with high DPI, then the movement of the mouse will be smooth and accurate. High DPI always increases the sensitivity of the mouse. Using mouse sensitivity on PC for gaming is very obvious but the best choice of mouse sensitivity has been regarded as a critical issue. For serving the gaming purpose mouse sensitivity is required. But at a particular point in time, this mouse sensitivity needs to change to improve better gaming effect. To increase mouse sensitivity few steps have to be followed:

  • Click the Windows button at the lower-left corner of the PC screen.
  • Click the gear icon on the left-hand side to gain settings.
  • Select the device tab from the setting icon.
  • To increase mouse sensitivity the cursor speed needs to be higher and move the marker to the right.

Mouse sensitivity converter

A mouse sensitivity converter is required for gaming. When you are playing a game on a computer mouse sensitivity converter allows the gamer to convert sensitivities between games. This permits the gamer to do 360 rotation of the game and transfer into other games. For converting mouse sensitivity, the gamer needs to change the strategy of gaming. The usage of a sensitivity converter is very easy. First of all, the gamer has to choose the game from which he wants to transfer another one and then enter the sensitivity of the original game from where the game will be converted. Then from and to DPI has to be chosen. The newly converted sensitivity of the final part will be done after that. All the sensitivity converters are not the same. They attain different levels of sensitivity speed. The mouse sensitivity converter is used in the game for configuration. To gain more accurate sensitivity results the gamer has to input the mouse DPI.

Mouse sensitivity converter for CS:GO counter-strike: Global Offensive is identified to be a multiplayer first-person shooter video game. They launched new improvisations on the gaming methods with maps, characters, and new features. To gain mouse sensitivity accuracy some steps are needed to follow such as:

  • Consider replacing the worn mouse pad– to increase the mouse sensitivity the gamer has to change the mouse pad and replace it with another one.
  • Upgrade mouse– the mouse which is used by the gamer needs to be changed or upgraded to gain better achievement.
  • Look for options with DPI control– to control the cursor speed you have to control DPI. DPI control permits the gamer to increase or decrease the sensitivity converter.
  • Consider hard-wired options– a wireless mouse offers better flexibility and speed in terms of movement. These kinds of mice help to increase the speed of the mouse sensitivity.
  • Look for additional software– to increase the sensitivity control of the mouse it is very important to develop the additional software to provide extra support to the system.

Mouse sensitivity speed and control can be achieved by various processes. The steps that have been discussed above to increase the speed of mouse sensitivity should be followed. It is very important to develop additional software to increase the sensitivity of the mouse for multiple purposes. Mouse sensitivity converter is a very emerging tool to convert an old game setting into a new one. Technological innovation has proved to achieve better improvisation in terms of system software and other gaming software. The facility which is provided the gamer by the usage of mouse sensitivity converter is highly promising to achieve profitability in the market.