Top 3 IoT Technologies Your Business Will Want to Employ

Some twenty years ago, very few people from outside the technology industry knew at least something about the Internet of Things (IoT). Though the Internet was not a new concept back then, the very idea of connecting zillions of physical devices within a single network and making them collect and share data sounded somewhat too futuristic. And now, in 2021, you can hardly find a person who has never heard of the IoT and the benefits IoT development can bring to modern businesses. Lots of companies have also availed themselves of IoT-powered solutions, and now they enjoy improved productivity, flexibility, and profitability. If you used to think of the IoT as an expensive technology accessible only to big corporations, it’s about time you reconsidered your opinion. The IoT is currently serving the needs of a broad range of businesses and it is all set to serve yours. There are lots of IoT-enabled solutions out there that help companies efficiently manage the workings of their business, set goals, execute initiatives, streamline workflow, and maximize their overall productivity.

Learn more from today’s post not to miss out on the opportunities the IoT may open up for your business.

#1 Connected Cameras
iot device 1 2021
Security cameras need no introduction. As a business owner, you know how important it is to maintain building security and make sure your property is protected against intruders and unwanted visitors. The IoT technology allows businesses to use connected cameras to remotely monitor their offices, warehouses, production areas, etc. No need to install bulky hardware and purchase expensive equipment. All that’s required is a stable wireless Internet connection. Not only connected cameras will help you monitor your buildings, but also save footage to the cloud where it can be accessed on demand. Connected camera’s security potential can be reinforced when paired with smart locks.

#2 Smart Locks
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As we’ve noted, no business wants to compromise their security. At the same time, robust security systems may get in the way of accessibility, which is also very important for companies. You’ll want to ensure that your staff can enter the premises unhindered and leave them freely without putting your security on stake. That’s where smart locks come in handy. They provide your business increased convenience without compromising security. No need to make multiple physical keys (which employees tend to lose) and keep a record of them. You may provide each employee with a unique access code they will be able to use every time they enter and leave premises. Smart locks provide your security staff with the tools necessary to effectively monitor building entrances and other areas. What’s more, these IoT-powered devices can be easily controlled via smartphones, which allows for more flexibility.

#3 Shipping Trackers
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It’s hard to overstate the importance of being able to monitor and oversee the timely delivery of goods to their final destination. IoT-powered tracking goes a long way towards helping businesses of all sizes get real-time information about their cargoes. Fleet management companies can receive exhaustive information about their vehicle’s location, fuel consumption, and maintenance, while companies that ship merchandise can easily keep track of their shipments. Thus, IoT provides accurate visibility of what happens at all shipment stages and allows businesses to monitor individual parcels and packages more efficiently.

As you see, IoT solutions may come in particularly handy when you start looking for effective ways to implement business process optimization in your organization. Of course, the three technologies mentioned on today’s concise list are mere examples of how useful IoT can be to the growth and optimization of your company. Be sure to learn more about IoT technologies from the dedicated blog at Harness the power of advanced technologies and watch your business become more agile, digitally competitive, profitable, and successful.