Chromebook Sales Are Up By 275 Percent During Q1 2021

The arrival of Covid-19 in 2020 made it necessary to work from home which increased PC demand and sales too.

In early January 2021. A research firm Canalys’ data showed that PC sales witnessed an 11% increase during 2020. Now They have released data for Q1 2021 and it shows a good quarter for PC sales. The data shows that this was the 4th consecutive quarter for PC market growth and the PC shipments witnessed a 53.1 percent increase compared to Q1 2020.

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Among all PC market sectors, the Chromebook segment witnessed a huge increase of 275% compared to Q1 2020. This also makes sense as distance learning was on the rise and a cheap device with easy maintenance was the go-to choice for students and parents.

HP holds the crown in the Chromebook market with a 36.4% market share. After HP, Lenovo has a 25.9% market share. Both the companies witnessed a 634% and 309% annual growth respectively in Q1 2021 in comparison to Q1 2020. Samsung also increased its market share from 1.6 percent to 10% percent, witnessing a 2233% growth from Q1 2020 to Q1 2021.

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The Laptop segment also grew by 62 percent while the Tablets saw a 51.8% increase. Lenovo had the highest laptop sales figures of 24 million during Q1 2021 while Apple was on the second spot with 22 million unit sales. As for the tablet segment, Apple led the market with a 38% market share while Amazon witnessed 200% growth and secured the fourth spot.

It wasn’t shocking to see the desktop segment with a 4% decline in the shipments as compared to 2020.

Via Canalys