Classic Card Games to Play Online Against an AI

Ready to put your card-playing skills to the test? Due to technological advances, it’s easier than ever for you to challenge yourself and compete against a computer. Whether you prefer playing solitaire-style games or those requiring more input from all players, classic card games are just as enjoyable online as they are in real life.

Fortunately, we have meticulously curated a list of traditional card games that allow you to play against an intelligent AI. You don’t need to look for other players anymore since your computer opponents are as good as real people. Playing against a computer also allows you to perfect your different card expertise. If you’re ready, learn more about them below!

Hone Your Skills Against AI Opponents

Sometimes, you want to play a game without distractions, which can be done with offline classic card games. Below are some of them:

Spite & Malice

If you love solitaire but want more competition, check Spite & Malice out. Also called Cat and Mouse, even kids can play this competitive card game because it features straightforward rules. However, its strategic elements make it good enough for adults, too.

Here, players must play their cards in numerical sequence into foundation piles. The first player to play their remaining cards from the pay-off pile wins.

Other features:

  • Each player uses one deck of cards
  • One goal pile consists of 20 cards, one hand with five cards, and four discard piles called side stacks
  • Players can only play the top card from the pay-off pile

Since this patience game is perfect for all ages, mastering it is easy. Some mobile apps offer offline and online gaming, so you can play against real players if you want to. If you prefer against AI, gaming websites are an excellent alternative for those who don’t want to spend their mobile device’s memory.


One of the most popular trick-taking card games out there, you can quickly find a free Spades game online through various browser-based platforms. Although its game rules are more direct than other trick-taking games, you should hone your skills first since it can confuse first-time players.

Some basics to remember before playing a free online Spades game:

  • Usually played by four players divided into two players
  • It consists of two phases: Bidding and Trick-Taking
  • Teams must earn points by taking the combined number of tricks they bid for that round
  • Failing to reach the number of tricks can result in losing points

Numerous trick-taking games, like Bridge and Euchre, are easily available everywhere. However, Spades is considered one of the originals and more addicting with its simple gameplay and rules to follow. Try the game on or World of Card Games.

If you enjoy trick-taking and want something different, why not do the opposite? That’s what Hearts is all about, which is to avoid getting any tricks. It doesn’t involve bidding but players must avoid certain cards that give penalty points.

For instance, receiving cards from the Hearts suit will give you one penalty point. Meanwhile, the Queen of Spades is equal to 13 penalty points. During the play, everyone isn’t allowed to play any Hearts or the Queen of Spades cards unless they don’t have any other cards left. Your job is to get the lowest points possible to win.

With numerous Hearts variations available, playing them against AI is best. Some variations have additional elements and rule differences, but the main features remain the same. Plus, playing with an AI allows you to adjust your game strategy and master the game effectively.


A casino card game that’s incredibly famous in both online and land-based casinos, Blackjack has simple game mechanics that you can master even if you don’t play against an AI. Unfortunately, it involves real money, which can cause bankruptcy if you’re not careful enough.

To avoid losing your hard-earned money, why don’t you play against an AI first? It gives you the same feeling as playing at an online casino, and the interface is sometimes better than most casino websites. Of course, you won’t win real money if that’s what you’re thinking.

The best thing about playing Blackjack against an AI is learning more about the game without risking your funds. This traditional card game requires strategic moves and quick decisions, so practice enough to win in real money games.


No matter how popular Poker gets, there’s no denying that its gameplay is confusing and may seem daunting. Since it’s also a casino card game, you will want to know how it’s played before you can put your money on the table. Fortunately, numerous online Poker games offer tutorials for beginners and experienced players.

These lessons teach you more about Poker hands, different betting strategies, and other aspects of the game. Some platforms also enable you to play with AIs to avoid risking your money. Poker also comes with numerous variations, so you must find a platform to teach you how specific variations are played.

Some examples of variations are:

  • Omaha
  • Five-card draw
  • Seven-card stud
  • Chinese Poker
  • Caribbean stud poker
  • Texas hold ’em


Finally, Briscola is one of the best card games to play against an AI because of its simple mechanics. Played using a standard Italian deck of cards, it’s usually for two to eight players, and the basics go like this:

  • Each player is dealt three cards, with the remaining cards set aside
  • The top card of the remaining cards determines the trump card (Briscola)
  • The player to the dealer’s left begins the game going in an anti-clockwise order
  • All players will play their cards until they have one card left
  • If no Briscola cards were played, the highest card of the leading suit wins
  • Following the lead suit is not required

You can access Briscola on numerous platforms or download it on your smartphone. Find one that allows you to play with AI opponents so you’ll be ready to beat real players without too much of a problem.

Seamlessly Master Exhilarating Card Games with the Help of AI

Whether you’re a beginner or looking for something new to master, classic card games like Spite & Malice, Spades, Hearts, Blackjack, Poker, and Briscola are great options to play online with an AI. They offer the right amount of challenge you can appreciate even when you’re not playing against a real person. Of course, choose a platform that will let you control the difficulty settings to gauge your skills!